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Automotive Window Tinting


Driving in Southern California means spending a lot of time in the sun as it streams through your car’s glass. Automotive window film ensures your car is as comfortable as possible while adding the enhanced appearance of tinted glass.

Auto Window Tinting Offers More Than Just Good Looks

By creating a barrier between your car's interior and the sun's destructive rays, automotive window tinting helps your vehicle retain its like-new look longer. At the same time, car window tinting cuts UV-A and UV-B ultraviolet rays, reducing the risk of skin cancer, premature aging, and other health concerns. The reduced glare from the sun, and even headlights at night, make driving your car that much safer and enjoyable.

What Makes Campbell Auto Window Film Different?

We know how much your car means to you and you'll see the difference from the second you bring it to us. Our auto tint specialists take the time to ensure that we help you choose the best shade, color and film technology to meet your needs and expectations. Every job is performed to the highest standards possible, eliminating seams entirely with custom computer-cut and heat molded film. We utilize all of the latest installation techniques to ensure the optimum level of fit and finish. Our highly trained and experienced installation team will take their time to make sure even the most minute details are attended to. We are not a high-volume assembly line shop. The quality is what matters most here. Our rigorous installation process includes a three-phase inspection process which ensures your car is always within our exacting standards. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.


Additionally, we offer free shuttle service within a 10 mile radius. If you choose to wait for your car while it is being pampered in our shop, we have a comfortable showroom with free wifi, coffee, soda and bottled water.

We Protect Your Vehicle Like It's Ours

We use seat covers, floor mats and interior protective covers to ensure your car’s interior is well protected during automotive window film installation. Our team will baby your pride and joy inside and out throughout the entire process.

Automotive Window Tinting Warranty

We guarantee your window film will never peel, bubble or become discolored, as it maintains optical clarity and high heat protection. All installations come with a manufacturer’s nationwide lifetime warranty.

Car Window Tinting Prices

Every job is different, so contact us today for a window tinting price quote. Campbell Window Film prides itself in our ability to help our customers maximize the value of your dollar, while making your car more comfortable and safer to drive.

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