Energy Consulting for Commercial Window Film Projects in Los Angeles
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Energy Consulting Services

Campbell Energy Consulting for Window Film

| Campbell Energy Consulting specializes in commercial window film projects and assists property owners and managers throughout the process of rebate approval and code compliance.

Los Angeles has passed legislation requiring owners to lower energy costs in their commercial buildings. Examples of these laws include Title 24 and EBEWE (Existing Buildings Energy & Water Efficiency Program ) which require buildings to lower energy consumption and produce an Energy Star benchmarking report. This report can be thought of as a window sticker, similar to what you find on new vehicles at a car dealership, which clearly shows a building’s MPG (miles per gallon) equivalent in energy language known as kWh (kilowatt hours – a measurement of energy usage). A building’s benchmark report is used as a score card and made public for prospective tenants or buyers to see, and is also used for the enforcement of these new energy compliance laws.

Many property managers and building engineers rely on Campbell Energy Consulting to help them sort out the many obstacles and pitfalls that are inevitable in the initial phases of a commercial window film project.

“Our firm specializes in fenestration, or the windows and glass doors,” Campbell Window Film CEO Brad Campbell said. “We work in tandem with other energy consultants to help them really dial in with pinpoint precision the energy savings that can be derived from a specific window film that is properly suited for a particular building. We are the window consulting experts; that is where we truly shine.”

Campbell is often invited to work directly with building owners, managers and engineers as a stand-alone consultant for window film projects. Brad continued, “We have built a highly skilled team over the years and part of our service includes educating architects and commercial real estate professionals about the many benefits of coating their existing glass with window film. We essentially convert the glass they already have into super high performance glass so they can compete in terms of energy usage with the newer buildings that have new, highly efficient glass.”

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Campbell’s representatives are made up of senior consultants with many years in the glass coatings industry. They meet with the client to do an in-depth needs assessment and to craft a custom solution for the property. Floor plans are evaluated and energy bills are gathered from the previous year. The orientation of the building and the square footage of glass on each side of the building are calculated. HVAC equipment and other systems’ details are recorded. The exact geographic area is input into the formula so that the closest weather recording station’s data can be used in the modeling process. Campbell’s team of surveyors take detailed measurements of glass thickness and solar heat gain coefficients to determine if there are existing coatings or films on the glass. Creating a baseline profile for the property is absolutely essential to accurate and quantifiable reporting.

All of the field information is compiled into an unbiased report using a sophisticated computer modeling program. Property owners will need a true cost estimate, as well as ROI, lifecycle and rebate reports before they will feel comfortable approving the implementation. The utility company will also require detailed calculations prior to issuing a rebate. “In most cases, there is a lot of correspondences between our team and the utility company engineers as we assist them in their analysis.” Campbell said.

Clients sometimes require greater detail of exactly how the window film will improve efficiency on their specific glass. Test panels and Campbell’s specifically designed “proof of technology” offering, enable owners and property managers to assess the look of various films on their specific glass type. Temperature graphs recorded over several days comparing filmed windows to untreated windows provides further insight into the tenant comfort, aesthetics and performance of the window film specific to their property.

“The Department of Energy and Consol Energy each completed a major study,” Campbell said. “Our window film strategy has a typical investment payback of less than three years. The study also revealed that window film is one of four top-tier technologies with a maximum rating for cost effectiveness and probability of success.”

Expertise Beyond Just The Windows

The brand’s consulting services go far beyond a few reports and test samples. Campbell Energy Consulting provides a full service start to finish assistance program designed to help property owners and managers work their way through the mounds of paperwork that is often daunting in scope. “We’re very familiar with all the rebates and legal requirements, and can help property and asset managers work their way through that maze,” Campbell said.

Campbell also provides expert consulting for building security and façade renovation.

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