How to Choose the Right Window Film

Window films are designed to improve existing glass in terms of energy efficiency, comfort, security, and privacy. If you have glass in your home, retail store, office, or school that is presenting a problem, you may want to take a look at window films before considering glass replacement or other window coverings such as blinds, curtains, or drapes.

Window film is a broad subject, far too vast to cover in a single blog post, but here are a few key things to think about when researching window films, or “window tinting” as it is commonly referred.

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Establishing your Goals

Before you call a window tinting company, it is a good idea to think through what you are actually trying to accomplish. We often hear generic statements like “there’s too much sun coming in”. Be that as it may, you’re more likely to get a window film you will truly enjoy if you distill that down a little. For example, what specifically are you unhappy with? Is it too bright? That is a glare problem. Is it too hot? That is a separate problem from glare, so it is important to differentiate. If you like the amount of light you have, but dislike the heat, you need to make that clear so you don’t end up with a dark film you will later regret getting. Perhaps you are perfectly fine with both the glare and the heat, but are concerned about fading furnishings or flooring. There is a window film specifically designed to let in most of the light, but helps prevent fading. Having clear goals will enable you to communicate better and ensure you get what you truly want.

What to Ask Yourself

If you tell a window tinting professional about your specific concerns, it helps guide them to better product recommendations which translates to you being a happier customer in the end.

Here is a list of items you should ask yourself to prepare for your conversation with a window film representative.

  • Are you concerned about glass security or safety, which may include burglary or falling glass due to an earthquake or human impact?
  • Is there an issue with privacy that you’d like to address? If so, are you interested in a decorative design on the glass, or not? Do you prefer a clear or frosted solution? Here is one of our most viewed videos on privacy window film.
  • Are you trying to cool the home or building to improve comfort and save on air conditioning bills?
  • Is the sunlight too bright at certain times of day?
  • Are you concerned about fading furnishings or merchandise?

These are the most common glass-related problems that are easily solved with window films. Your ability to articulate your wants and needs is directly proportionate to the satisfaction you will feel with the outcome.

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Getting the Ball Rolling

Not sure you can navigate through these options on your own? That’s okay, you’re not alone! We get calls everyday from discerning facilities managers and homeowners trying to figure out what solutions are available, and there are so many options to choose from. We encourage you to call and speak with an experienced window film expert who will listen to your needs and help you find the perfect window film for your glass. Call now 800-580-9997. We’d be delighted to help.