How to Quickly Protect Your Home from Sun Damage

Here at Campbell Window Film…we love the sun.


It doesn’t get any better living and working in sunny Southern California.


But we will be the first to remind you that all that wonderful sunlight pouring through the window is not doing any good for your furnishings, flooring and artwork. Fading, discoloration and fabric damage are the downsides of the sunlight — actually, any visible light — that floods your home.


There are three main dangers in the spectrum of light:

  1. UVA and UVB rays cause 50% of the damage
  2. Heat/infrared radiation causes 25%
  3. Visible light causes 25%


Dealing with these dangers presents two challenging issues. The first is that damaging UV rays are present whether or not the sun is shining. Even on cloudy or rainy days, this silent destroyer is at work.


sun94Second, most of us enjoy natural light shining into our homes. After all, why else would we have windows? But the sheer presence of visible light will, over time, cause the slow but sure ruination of your valuables.
Let’s examine the most popular solution to this problem, shades and blinds. The biggest problem with these treatments is they have to be closed to be effective. Not to mention how expensive they can be.


So what is today’s homeowner supposed to do? The answer is clear: window films.Window films are among the best ways to deal with sun and light issues in your home. Good-quality solar window films reject 99.9 percent of the sun’s harmful rays.


Our experienced residential specialist will help you choose the perfect window tinting film that will protect your furnishings, flooring and artwork from the harsh rays of the sun. We maintain a broad array of products – as diverse as our clientele. Every job is different and is addressed as a separate challenge – not only to find a solution, but to do so as cost effectively as possible. We will work with you to ensure you have a solution that best suits your home and preferences.


If you are ready to protect your home from the sun, contact Campbell Window Film today and we’ll walk you through the process!



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