Introducing: 3M Thinsulate Window Film – Insulation for your Windows

As the 3M™ Window Film Dealer of the Year, we couldn’t be more excited to tell you about their newest window film: 3M™ Thinsulate™ Window Film.

Designed for both residential and commercial application, this window film is essentially insulation for your windows. It helps keep the warmth in during the winter and the cool conditioned air in during the summer — keeping the weather out where it belongs – all season, every season. It also helps reduce cold/hot spots, improving overall comfort throughout your space.

This Low-E window film enhances the existing window insulation and it is almost as effective as adding an extra pane of glass. You can save up to 10% on energy bills while maintaining comfort and protection in your home.

The three main benefits:

Increase Efficiency:

Instead of replacing your windows, enjoy “Low Emissivity” or Low-E windows for a fraction of the cost. Double the insulation value of your single pane windows or of double pane windows to that of triple pane windows.

Control Climate:

This new window film helps keep the cool conditioned air in during the summer and the warmth in during the winter. 3M™ Thinsulate™ Window Film keeps the weather out where it belongs, every season, all season. It reduces heat loss up to 38% and hot/cold spots while improving overall comfort throughout your space.

Maintain Appearance:

After our team carefully installs the window film onto the surface of your glass, it is virtually invisible, blocking up to 99% of UV rays, which will help protect hardwood floors, furniture, artwork, rugs and window treatments. The film has a neutral appearance that will not change the look of your windows, inside or out.

If you are a home or building owner looking for a cost-effective solution to upgrading your windows and improving energy efficiency, do not hesitate to contact Campbell Window Film today.

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