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Los Angeles Commercial Building Wraps & Security Window Film Solutions

Building wraps (also known as facade re-imaging) and exterior window film bring existing properties up to modern performance and aesthetic standards.

Local and state energy laws like EBEWE and Title 24 require business owners to implement energy-saving measures, which could lead to costly retrofits.

Los Angeles commercial building wraps are a cost-effective solution for bringing your property into compliance with these regulations. These affordable updates can rejuvenate an entire building’s appearance, improve energy savings, and typically costs 7x less than new glass and substrates.

Building wraps can also improve the look of your building and the comfort of your tenants, which can lead to a better reputation and more prospective business for your location. If you’re looking for high performance, measurable results, and lasting quality, Campbell’s extensive product line has what you need.

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Why Choose Campbell?

We are recognized as a leading source for window film tinting in California.

Campbell offers top of the line, long-lasting solutions for your glass and walls. We have successfully added high-performance window film to residential and commercial properties all over California.

In addition to Los Angeles commercial building wraps, we provide window film and window security solutions to protect against threats and intruders. Clients ranging from homeowners to major property management firms rely on our advanced product line and expert installers to keep them safe and comfortable.

On top of our industry-leading expertise, all of our work comes with extensive guarantees. Campbell products are covered by the most comprehensive nationwide manufacturers’ warranties, and our professional installations are certified.

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