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Campbell offers a variety of 3M Window Tinting films for your commercial property.

Property owners and managers can choose Los Angeles commercial window film for a variety of different functions. We offer clear films that are invisible on your storefront but add a crucial layer of security to keep looters and burglars out.

For your office building, Campbell can provide sun and energy-controlling window film that will reduce utility costs, increase security, and update appearances all at once.

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Why Choose Campbell?

We are recognized as a leading source for window film tinting in California.

Every Los Angeles commercial window film installation needs a proven product and professional installers to succeed. Our expertise ranges from single retail stores to skyscrapers and multi-building campuses.

We work with property managers, owners, and building engineers to make sure every window film installation meets all of your building’s needs. Sun control window tinting is an ideal first step toward energy savings because it costs less than major construction projects and installation can be completed quickly without disruption to your employees or operations.

Another key benefit of Los Angeles commercial window film is improved tenant comfort. If your building has a reputation for being a comfortable place to work, you are more likely to achieve and maintain 100% occupancy.

Finally, lots of utility companies offer rebates for installing window film, which can offset much of your installation costs. Each utility company has different criteria for establishing rebate amounts, which are often determined by the amount of electricity saved. The Campbell team has a detailed understanding of these systems and will help you prepare the necessary documentation and submit your application.

Watch the video below to learn more about how Campbell is helping property owners and businesses with Los Angeles commercial window film.

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