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Whether you are a building owner, facilities engineer, property manager, or a leasing agent, you are always on the lookout for improvements that will lower costs and increase bottom line profits. In some instances, you’re faced with legislation that mandates lower energy consumption.

We know that building owners and managers interested in window tinting to meet these needs don’t have time for sales pitches — you need real data to help you make the right decision for your commercial property.

Before choosing an installer, you must first determine if window film is cost effective for your property. That’s where Campbell Energy Consulting comes in.

Give Campbell a call for your Orange County energy consulting needs today. We will guide you through every step toward a comprehensive Request For Proposal (RFP) that will maximize your installation and the rebates you receive afterward.

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Why Choose Campbell?

We are recognized as a leading source for window film tinting in California.

Campbell Energy Consulting services include early-phase testing and value engineering without requiring an installation contract. You’ll learn everything you need to know to make an informed decision about your property, with none of the sales talk.

As part of your consulting process, we can install multiple test film panels on a section of your windows.  Our world-class computer models are extremely accurate, but we know that nothing compares to seeing real window film on your doors and windows. You’ll be able to evaluate before and after temperatures, how various films affect workspace lighting, and how building aesthetics are changed.

While bottom line numbers are key, details unique to a window film job must also be part of an effective RFP. Our report will feature annotated photos to highlight key areas of special attention.

We’ll also help you identify details like requirements for how the film is cut, and manage costs associated with moving furniture, replacing blinds, and onsite supervision. A complete RFP identifies every aspect of your job with a goal of avoiding problems before they happen.

Watch the video below to learn more about how Campbell is helping customers save with Orange County energy consulting.

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