The 4 Main Reasons Your Home Needs Secure Screens

The desire and need for enhanced security is on the rise, especially when you see statistics like, “Burglaries of residential properties accounted for 71.6 percent of all burglary offenses” in 2015, as reported by the FBI. Campbell not only provides security window film, but also secure screens, which offer ultimate protection for doors and windows. Here are 4 reasons why your home needs secure screens.


1. Superior Protection

Our secure screens not only provide excellent protection from bad guys, but also offer enhanced protection from less obvious things such as heat, damaging UV rays, bugs and other outdoor pests.


2. Architectural Design and Appeal

Our screens are more attractive than other security measures for doors and windows, like wrought iron or other metal bars, which can rust or corrode in a fairly short amount of time. Our stainless steel mesh is powder coated and won’t rust or corrode.


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Additionally, our screens can be customized with 9 standard colors and over 60 custom colors available. All Secure Screens are designed specifically for each opening, so you always have a perfect fit.


Many custom colors available. This customer had us match their home’s trim color.


3. Enjoy California Living

The two main perks of living in Southern California are the consistently beautiful weather and views. By installing secure screens, you will maintain an unobstructed view while enjoying the free-flow and circulation of fresh air, and without leaving your doors or windows vulnerable.


4. Pet-Proof

“Fluffy” may have been able to get through your old screen (or may have climbed up your screen damaging it with her claws), but our secure screens are completely pet-proof. You won’t have to replace another screen again.

After installation, you will rest assured knowing our products have been thoroughly tested to verify the strength of our patented fabrication system of components, including an impact test, a knife shear test, a jimmy test and a sea salt spray test.

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**Please note that in addition to residences, our secure screens are available to help protect schools, municipalities and commercial buildings.**