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Campbell Security Window Screens and Security Screen Doors are designed for easy installation and tough protection. All of our products are created to incorporate seamlessly with existing doors and windows.

Compatible materials for your Huntington Beach security screens include aluminum, uPVC, and wood framing, for both new and existing properties. Our screens are available in a wide range of configurations and colors to suit any home’s needs.

With Campbell security screens, you can keep your home safe from unwelcome intruders ranging from bugs to burglars.

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Why Choose Campbell?

We are recognized as a leading source for window film tinting in California.

When it’s time to get serious about security, Huntington Beach security screens from Campbell are your best line of defense. After all, when a determined intruder wants to enter your home, passive security measures like cameras and motion sensors can’t keep you safe, and law enforcement might not be close enough to stop an attack once it starts.

Your residence isn’t truly secure without addressing the windows and screens that bad guys will target. Standard window screens and screen doors won’t stop or even slow down an aggressive invasion.

Opt for the quality only Campbell can provide and protect your home’s most vulnerable points of entry. The resistance that these screens provide will deter any would-be intruder by standing up to knives, crowbars, and other nefariously-used equipment.

Our expert installers will provide recommendations and coordinate installation so your home will never be left vulnerable. We’ll be happy to discuss the various options for protecting your home, including security screens, protective window film and more.

Once you’ve installed Campbell Security Screens, you’ll feel free to leave your windows open day or night. Enjoy those ocean breezes that Huntington Beach offers with peace of mind that your loved ones and valuables are safe.

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