3M Exterior Window Film: Two Types and Their Benefits

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Windows are an essential part of any commercial building, providing natural light, ventilation, and views of the outside world. However, they can also be a source of problems, such as excessive heat gain, glare, and aesthetic concerns related to graffiti and other similar forms of vandalism.

3M, a leader in innovative window film solutions, offers two different exterior window film options that can help address these issues — 3M Prestige Series sun control window film and 3M anti-graffiti window film.

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1. 3M Prestige Series Sun Control Window Film

3M Prestige Series sun control window film is designed to reduce solar heat gain, glare, and UV radiation while maintaining optical clarity. It is a non-metallic, multilayer optical film that reflects and absorbs the sun’s heat and glare, keeping indoor spaces cooler and more comfortable.

Unlike some traditional window films, which can have a shiny or mirrored appearance, the Prestige Series 3M exterior window film is virtually invisible, allowing for unobstructed views and maintaining the aesthetics of the building to which it’s applied.

One of the key benefits of the Prestige Series exterior window film is its ability to block up to 97% of infrared light, which we feel as heat, and 99.9% of harmful UV rays, which helps protect furnishings, artwork, and occupants from sun damage.

By reducing the need for air conditioning, 3M exterior sun control window film also helps lower energy costs and improve the overall energy efficiency of commercial buildings.

Additionally, the film is designed to be long-lasting, with a durable scratch-resistant coating that helps maintain its optical clarity and performance over time.

2. 3M Anti-Graffiti Window Film

3M anti-graffiti window film is designed to protect windows against graffiti, tagging, scratching, gouging, and acid etching.

This type of exterior window film is made from a heavy-duty polyester film that is bonded to the existing glass, creating a flexible barrier that protects the glass against all forms of graffiti.

In the event that a property is targeted by vandals, the exterior film can easily be removed and replaced, at a fraction of the cost of window replacement. This also means that businesses can quickly remove signs of vandalism, returning their storefronts to pristine condition and maintaining curb appeal.

In addition to its graffiti-resistant properties, 3M anti-graffiti exterior window film also provides a few other benefits similar to the Prestige Series window film. It blocks up to 99% of harmful UV rays, protecting furnishings and occupants from sun damage, and reduces glare.

Exterior anti-graffiti window film is a cost-effective way to protect buildings against common forms of graffiti-related vandalism.

Which Type of 3M Exterior Window Film Should You Choose?

The two types of exterior window films offered by 3M each come with their own set of benefits, although there is indeed some overlap in their benefits, such as in the UV protection they provide.

3M Prestige Series sun control window film is designed specifically to reduce heat gain, glare, and UV radiation while maintaining optical clarity, while 3M anti-graffiti window film is primarily designed to mitigate vandalism.

Using a combination of these two types of 3M exterior window films can help improve the comfort, energy efficiency, and appearance of buildings, making them a valuable investment for any commercial property owner.

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