Window Security Film: Cost, Benefits, and FAQs

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Window security film is a transparent, pliable, polyester-based window coating film that can be applied to windows to strengthen them and protect against forced entry, accidents, and natural disasters.

This type of window film offers a cost-effective way to enhance the security and safety of a business or commercial facility when more robust security glazing isn’t an option.

In this blog post, we’ll explore window security film cost factors, benefits, and answer some common questions about this versatile window film.

Window Security Film Cost Factors

The cost of commercial window security film can vary depending on several factors:

  • Type of Film
  • Size and Number of Windows
  • Installation Complexity
  • Additional Features
  • Professional Installation

Type of Film

There are different types of security films available, ranging from very basic to ultra high-performance films.

Basic films are typically thinner and offer minimal protection, while high-performance films are thicker and offer enhanced protection against impacts and forced entry.

It’s important to note that security window film isn’t designed to prevent forced entry altogether, but rather create a delay that can deter would-be intruders or help them get caught in the act. The thicker the film is, the longer the delay it creates.

Size and Number of Windows

The size and number of windows you want to protect is one of the other big factors that affects the overall cost of any window film installation project. Larger windows and more windows will require more film and installation time, which increases the cost of window security film.

Installation Complexity

The complexity of the installation can also affect the cost of security window film. Windows that are difficult to access or have unusual shapes may require more time and effort to customize and install the film, increasing the overall cost of the job.

Additional Features

Some security films come with additional features, such as UV protection, enhanced energy efficiency, or privacy coatings. These extra features can also increase the cost of the film.

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Professional Installation

Any type of window film should always be applied by professional commercial window film installers.

Making the mistake of NOT hiring professional, certified security window film installers can drastically increase the cost of your security film in the long run.

Poorly done installation can result in the need to remove and replace the film, and can potentially even damage your building’s windows, leading to additional costs.

Plus, getting security window film installed unprofessionally can also void its warranty, so make sure you’re always working with authorized dealers and installers, like Campbell Window Film.

Security Window Film Benefits

The cost of window security film is minimal when you take into account the many benefits it can provide, including:

  • Enhanced Security
  • Accident Protection
  • UV Protection
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Aesthetics

Enhanced Security

Window security film strengthens windows, making them more resistant to impacts and forced entry. Although it doesn’t prevent glass from breaking, it can hold broken shards of glass in place and make it more difficult to dislodge windows, deterring burglars and intruders and giving you peace of mind.

Accident Protection

Security film can also protect against accidents, such as broken windows due to impacts from flying debris. This results in safer indoor environments, especially in buildings with large numbers of glass windows where people are working or performing other activities in close proximity to them.

UV Protection

Some security films offer very high levels of UV protection, blocking out up to 99.9% of harmful UV rays from entering your business or facility. This can help protect your skin and furnishings from sun damage.

Energy Efficiency

In addition to security benefits, some security films also offer energy-saving benefits by reducing heat transfer through windows. This can help lower your energy bills and improve indoor comfort.


Security film is transparent and does not obstruct views, allowing natural light to enter your property. It can also be customized with different tints and finishes to enhance the appearance of windows, giving them a sleek, modern look.

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Other FAQs About Security Window Film

1. How long does window security film last?

Most security films are designed to last for many years, with some high-performance films offering warranties of 10 years or more. Proper installation and maintenance can help prolong the life of the film (and ensures the validity of its warranty).

2. Can window security film be removed?

Yes, window security film can be removed if needed. However, removing the film should always be done by professionals to avoid damaging the windows in the process.

3. Does security film reduce visibility?

No, security film is transparent and does not reduce visibility. It allows natural light to enter while providing added security and protection.

4. Is security film easy to clean?

Yes, security film can be cleaned using mild soapy water and a soft cloth, just like your standard window glass. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or scrubbing the film with stiff bristles or sponges, as this can scratch or otherwise damage the surface.

5. Can security film be installed on any type of window?

Security film can be installed on many types of windows, including single-pane and double-pane windows. However, it may not be suitable for some specialized windows, such as tempered or laminated glass.

6. Is window security film’s cost worth it?

Whether or not security window film is right for you depends on your specific goals and budget.

If what you’re after is a very affordable solution that can reinforce windows against impacts, improve safety, and help deter forced entry, security window film might be ideal.

However, if you want complete forced entry denial, or perhaps even protection against ballistic attacks, you will want a more robust solution, such as Riot Glass.


Window security film is a cost-effective way to enhance the security and safety of your business or commercial building.

With its transparent design, ease of installation, and ability to hold broken glass in place, along with additional features like UV protection, security window film offers a range of benefits that make it a valuable investment for any property.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Campbell Window Film today to discuss your needs and goals. Our team is always happy to answer any outstanding questions you may have about security window film and its cost!