How To Achieve Total Sun Control with Window Tinting Film

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Natural light and views of the outdoors are essential factors in creating comfortable, appealing, and productive indoor environments, but excessive sunlight also leads to uncomfortable temperatures, glare, higher utility bills, and other downsides.

As such, the sun is sort of a double-edged sword for commercial buildings with lots of windows, providing both positives and negatives.

Fortunately, there’s a way to continue receiving all the benefits of sunlight in commercial spaces while mitigating most of its downsides — it’s called sun control window tinting film.

What Is Sun Control Window Tinting Film?

Sun control window tinting film, or just sun control window film, is a special type of window film designed to block out infrared light, ultraviolet (UV) rays, and glare, while still permitting high levels of natural light transmission and maintaining visibility.

This type of commercial window tinting film is ideal for office buildings and other commercial facilities with lots of glass doors and windows, particularly if building occupants spend a lot of time working right next to or nearby these windows.

The end result of installing sun control window film is less solar heat gain (heat from the sun transmitted through a building’s windows), reduced glare, increased UV protection, and overall more comfortable and energy efficient indoor environments.

All of this is achievable without significantly altering the appearance of a building’s windows and other glass surfaces, since sun blocking window film can be clear and minimally reflective. That being said, there are also mirrored and colored sun control films available, if changing the facade’s appearance is something you desire.

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How Sun Control Window Film Works

How Sun Control Window Tinting Reduces Solar Heat Gain

Sun control window film, such as 3M Prestige Series film, is composed of many layers of microscopically thin polymer-based window tinting film.

This nanotechnology controls exactly which type of sunlight comes through windows and other glass surfaces, like commercial glass entryways doors.

When it is applied to an existing glass surface, the film’s multiple layers block out approximately 97% of the sun’s infrared light that normally translates into heat when it passes through a building’s windows.

As a result, the building’s indoor spaces stay much more comfortable, regardless of how hot it is outside, and building occupants will need to rely less on air conditioning to stay cool while working or performing other activities inside.

Not only does this result in more appealing, productive indoor spaces, it also means that the building’s and workspaces’ utility bills won’t be as high, since people aren’t constantly running AC systems.

How Sun Control Window Film Provides UV Protection

In addition to blocking out the majority of infrared light, sun control window tint also rejects up to 99.9% of the sun’s harmful UV rays.

UV light is the type of light from the sun responsible for fading furnishings and causing skin damage.

By blocking out such a high level of UV light from the sun, solar control window tinting film helps prolong the lifetime of furnishings, drastically reducing the rate at which they fade due to sun exposure through windows.

Sun control window film also helps mitigate the potential health risks associated with UV exposure when people are working near windows that receive direct sunlight throughout the day.

How Sun Control Film Controls Glare

Lastly, sun control window tinting film also greatly reduces glare by controlling the type of light that filters through a building’s windows, stopping glare at the windowsill.

In other words, the film reflects most of the light wavelengths that result in glare, while allowing most of those that provide natural light through.

This mitigates issues with working on computers and other screens nearby sunny windows, and ensures building occupants can continue to enjoy the benefits of natural light and outdoor views, rather than having to close window coverings to deal with glare.

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Other Potential Benefits of Sun Control Window Tinting for Commercial Buildings

Improved Energy Efficiency

Applying sun control window film to all of a commercial building’s windows is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve its energy efficiency.

Depending on the specific type of film you choose, you may be able to reduce the average cost of a building’s monthly utility bills by as much as 30%.

Less Maintenance

Reducing the need for air conditioning with heat control window film equals less maintenance of HVAC systems.

Not only that, but since sun control film also blocks out damaging UV rays, there’s typically less need to maintain or replace indoor furnishings.

Lower Operating Costs

The improved energy efficiency and reduced maintenance that sun control window tinting film provides translates directly into lower overall operating costs for commercial buildings.

In fact, because of the savings it can provide, solar control window film installation often turns out to be an investment that pays for itself over time.

Better Building Occupancy Rates

Prospective building tenants look at things like energy efficiency and indoor comfort when evaluating offices or other spaces to rent, so installing sun control window film can potentially help building owners attract new tenants.

Plus, since the window film lowers their utility costs, maintains comfortable indoor temperatures, and reduces glare, existing tenants are more likely to stay for the long term, leading to better building occupancy rates over time.

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Higher Net Operating Income (NOI)

All the benefits mentioned above mean that commercial building owners can potentially enjoy a higher net operating income after the installation of sun control window film.

However, it’s important to note that the only way to guarantee the performance and benefits of sun blocking window film is to have it installed by professional window tint installers, such as those at Campbell Glass and Films.

Getting solar window film professionally applied ensures both long-term aesthetic and performance benefits, as well as avoids potential issues with warranty voidances.

Reach out to our team of professional commercial window tinters today for a free consultation or to get a quote for your project.