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Riot Glass®: The Unbreakable Solution for Securing Windows Against Forced Entry

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Windows are one of the most vulnerable entry points in any building. And, in today’s world, where threats like forced entry, burglary, smash-and-grab theft, rioting, and looting are all too common, having reliable and robust window security measures in place should be a top priority.

This is where Riot Glass®, a type of virtually unbreakable security glass for windows, comes into play.

Understanding the Threats That Commercial Properties Face

Before diving into the details of Riot Glass® unbreakable security glazing solutions, it’s essential to understand the various security threats faced by commercial properties and their windows.

Standard annealed glass windows are incredibly vulnerable to forced entry, where intruders typically use tools like sledgehammers, bats, and pry bars to break through the glass and gain unauthorized access to a facility.

breaking in

There are different motivations for forced entry, but burglary and smash-and-grab theft are two of the most common reasons that businesses fall victim to forced entry. Burglaries and smash-and-grab theft often involve opportunistic criminals who exploit weak points like windows to quickly grab valuable items.

Even with key components of a commercial security system installed, such as security cameras, glass break alarms, and motion sensing security lighting, businesses are still susceptible to forced entry and burglary — these things don’t do anything to physically keep bad guys out.

Experienced criminals know they can get in and out of a business quickly enough to avoid arrest, even if they set off alarms or otherwise draw attention to their activities in the process.

In areas prone to civil unrest, rioting and looting are another threat that can cause widespread damage and financial loss, with windows being a common target of vandalism and forced entry for the purpose of looting.

To counter these threats, many building and business owners often turn to traditional forced entry prevention solutions, such as window bars and grates, to prevent burglary, or plywood board ups to mitigate rioting and looting.

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However, such traditional solutions are unsightly, meaning they won’t work for many types of businesses and facilities (like luxury retailers and government buildings), and can be ineffective (bars don’t fully cover glass to prevent breakage, and board ups require planning ahead).

In order to avoid the shortcomings of traditional forced entry mitigation solutions, commercial property owners should consider retrofitting virtually unbreakable Riot Glass® security glass over their vulnerable windows.

Why Commercial Properties Need Unbreakable Glass for Their Windows:

  • Standard glass windows are vulnerable to forced entry using tools like sledgehammers and pry bars
  • Forced entry often occurs with the end goal of burglary or smash-and-grab theft
  • Opportunistic criminals know how to exploit weak points like windows to quickly gain entry to buildings
  • Security systems alone cannot physically prevent forced entry
  • Rioting and looting pose risks during civil unrest, with windows being common targets
  • Traditional solutions like window bars and plywood board-ups are unsightly and have many limitations
  • Traditional forced entry prevention solutions may not be suitable for all types of businesses or facilities, especially those that want to project a certain image
  • Retrofitting Riot Glass® offers virtually unbreakable security against all types of forced entry
  • Riot Glass® provides a reliable and aesthetically pleasing solution for all types of commercial properties

The Power of Riot Glass® Unbreakable Glass for Windows

Riot Glass® is a cutting-edge line of security glazing products engineered to withstand significant impacts of all types, including those intentionally caused by forced entry attempts.

Riot Glass® virtually unbreakable window glazing is composed of multiple layers of specialized glazing materials, including polycarbonates, acrylics, and other plastics, laminated together to create an impenetrable access denial barrier.

While similar to other types of security glazing out there, its unique composition gives Riot Glass® a level of strength and resistance to breakage that is unmatched on the market.

Even when subjected to prolonged forced entry attempts and numerous high-force impacts, the security glass remains intact, protecting the windows behind and ensuring the security of the premises.

Unmatched Protection Against Forced Entry

Riot Glass® serves as an uncompromisable deterrent against forced entry in all its forms. Its formidable strength makes it highly resistant to impacts from common burglary tools like hammers and crowbars, and it can even resist ballistic impacts from firearms.

Attempting to break through Riot Glass® requires an enormous amount of time and effort, discouraging would-be intruders and buying valuable time for security personnel or law enforcement to respond.

This added layer of protection is what most commercial properties are missing when it comes to stopping break-ins, preventing property damage and theft, and protecting building occupants from harm.

Effective Burglary and Smash-and-Grab Theft Mitigation

The high resilience of Riot Glass® makes it an ideal solution for safeguarding storefront windows and even in-store display cases against burglaries and smash-and-grabs.

When commercial glass is protected by Riot Glass®, attempts by opportunistic thieves to break it and gain quick access to a property will simply bounce off, forcing them to move on and seek an easier target or delaying them long enough to get caught in the act.

police lights

Strong Shielding Against Rioting and Looting

In times of civil unrest, windows often become prime targets for rioters and looters looking to cause property damage or take advantage of the chaos to make off with high-value merchandise.

Riot Glass® offers unparalleled protection against such threats. Its robust, one-of-a-kind construction and resistance to impacts make it capable of withstanding the forceful blows and impacts of hurled or swung objects during rioting.

Riot Glass® acts like a 24/7 board up, protecting storefront glass from breaking and safeguarding people and property within — without requiring all the forethought and labor that goes into traditional plywood board ups.

Unbreakable Window Security Is at Your Fingertips

From high-end retail stores to government buildings, all types of commercial facilities are at risk for forced entry, and a building is only as strong as its windows.

By investing in Riot Glass® virtually unbreakable window glass, business owners and commercial property owners can significantly enhance their security measures and gain invaluable peace of mind.

Protecting commercial windows with Riot Glass® does what traditional components of commercial security systems don’t — physically denies access. With Riot Glass®, unbreakable window security is an achievable reality.

At Campbell Glass and Films, we are authorized dealers and installers of a full range of Riot Glass® security glazing products. Contact us today for a free consultation!

Riot Glass™ Protects Storefronts from Burglary & Prevents Looting During Civil Unrest

Security Glass is Ideal For:

  • Jewelry Stores
  • Gun Stores
  • Enhancing Net Operating Income (NOI) and asset value
  • Eyewear Stores
  • Clothing Retailers
  • Pharmacies
  • Schools
  • College Campuses
  • Commercial Office Properties
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Smash and grab theft prevented with Campbell Security Window Film

Riot Glass Security for Windows and Doors

Window film IS NOT bullet proof, but does hold the glass together to prevent entry. (Campbell testing in CA)

We had several windows broken and our store looted during a protest in downtown Los Angeles. Riot Glass™ provides a solution to prevent this from happening again. We still have a very open, inviting look to our store so we are happy about that. At first we were skeptical wether something clear would provide enough protection under the extreme conditions we experienced, but after witnessing the demonstration of the product we were convinced. Unbelievably strong!

C. Livingston

Riot Glass™ Product Categories Include:

Thermoplastic™ fortified laminated glass

Unbreakable glass for ultimate forced entry protection

Armorplast™ Ballistic Glass

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Will it look like my existing glass?

3M™ Window Film, Riot Glass™, and ArmorPlast™ all look like regular glass. Depending on the thickness, visual acuity can be slightly affected, but overall you won’t see a distinguishable difference.

How do I know it will work?

All of our products have been thoroughly tested in world-class laboratory settings and real-world situations. While there are no guarantees, every retail store, commercial building, and home needs some level of security glass protection.

What styles and sizes are available?

Each glass type is available in various strengths, thicknesses and UL-rated protection levels. Security window film is available in 72″ maximum widths at any height. Riot Glass™ and ArmorPlast™ are available in maximum sizes 72″ X 96″. If window openings exceed that size, we simply reconfigure the mullions.

How do I get started?

Campbell starts by assessing your security needs, discussing your goals, and creating a preliminary budget. We will also measure your windows and frames and evaluate the overall condition of your property. Based on our assessment, we will recommend solutions for your specific property in an easy-to-read proposal.

Retail Store Security Glass

Virtually Invisible Security | Riot Glass™

In reality, your storefront glass is no barrier to entry. Anyone with a hammer, brick, or stone can immediately gain entry if so inclined. Riot Glass developed our ArmorPlast unbreakable window glass to offer maximum protection with virtually no visible change to your storefront’s aesthetic. Watch this short 2 minute video to see how it works.

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Virtually Invisible ArmorPlast Before and After Photos

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