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Security Window Film for Beverly Hills Properties


3M Ultra Series S800

Security window film is one of the most effective and cost-efficient ways to protect people and property from forced entry by an intruder. It is also very suitable for fragment retention from blasts, human impact, severe wind storms, and earthquakes. Our 3M Ultra Series cross-lamination makes this film extremely resistant to tearing and one of the strongest products available for schools and commercial properties. Strongly recommended when the perceived threat is a bomb blast or an active shooter scenario. Window films do not stop bullets, but can significantly delay or deter a would-be intruder from entering the building. Available in clear or tinted options.

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The Impact Protection System

The Impact Protection System bonds the clear security film and glass to the window frame, so even when the glass is broken it will not be easy to dislodge.

This two-component system offers the highest level of protection available for commercial window film security.

campbell window film impact protection system


GSA Blast Mitigation Compliance

The US General Services Administration (GSA) regularly updates glass and shatter resistance requirements for commercial building safety, which may require upgrading your existing glass with security film. If a forced entry, seismic activity, or a bomb blast breaks your windows, reducing the flight path of the glass will minimize danger.

Learn more about the GSA’s window requirements for blast mitigation here.
Campbell specializes in blast mitigation window film for government and private facilities. 800-580-9997


Premium Protection

Our exterior grade 7mil clear security film is designed to augment the protection of our interior films. By adding an additional layer on the outside of your glass, the protection level goes up considerably. This film can withstand rigorous attacks from heavy tools like steel hammers and baseball bats when used in conjunction with the Ultra Series interior film. Double your protection with this two-sided system.

gsa blast mitigation security film

Security Glass For Businesses

Riot Glass Security Glazing | 800-580-9997

Riot Glass

Riot Glass™ is a comprehensive line of security glass options to help prevent burglary, armed robbery, and active shooter events. Our patent-pending retrofit ArmorPlast™ framing protects your existing glass with a clear, virtually unbreakable polycarbonate shield.

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Security Screen Doors / Windows & Benefits

Campbell Security Screens protect your business while allowing you to leave windows and doors open.

These screens can be configured and colored to fit your building’s look and are easy to incorporate with most construction materials.

Provides a barrier to unlawful entry

Discourages intruders

Secures entry and exit points

Slimline design provides heavy-duty protection without heavy-duty looks

Mesh screens allow air to circulate freely

Easy to use and easy to clean

Protection from flies, mosquitoes, and other pests

Blocks about 60% of harmful UV rays

Our Door & Window Security Screens in Action

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