Residential Security Window Film

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Certified 3M Commercial Window Film Partner

You need to protect your family and property, but you also want the great views and natural light your Southern California home provides.

How will you stay safe from intruders, earthquakes, and accidents while keeping your home bright and beautiful?

Campbell Window Film has the answer. Our proven and comprehensive home security solutions can greatly reduce potential threats.

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Campbell Security Window Film prevents break-ins on residential annealed glass by holding the glass securely in the frame.

Benefits of 3M Security Window Film

  • Holds glass in place, slowing criminals attempting forced entry
  • Clear window films are invisible and do not impact views
  • Tinted films provide more privacy and solar heat protection
  • All films reduce interior fading with 99.9% UV protection rating
  • Film reduces dangers of flying glass shards during earthquake or forced entry attempt
  • Windows with film are easier to clean up and replace if they break
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Almost 70% of all burglaries involve forced entry through a window or door.
Protect your family and property with Campbell Security Window Film.

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Residential Security Window Film

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