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Campbell’s colored window film protects against solar heat and the glare of the sun. We offer colored window film tinting services for both commercial and residential buildings of all types and sizes.

Colored window film provides a variety of benefits such as cutting down on your facility or home’s energy costs, making those inside more comfortable, and adding privacy. We can also provide colored security window films.

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Colored Window Film Tinting for Commercial Buildings

Our team has experience installing colored window film on all kinds of commercial buildings, including skyscrapers, office campuses, and retail storefronts. No matter what size the building is, Campbell’s colored window films have been proven to reduce energy costs much more efficiently than other solutions.

Installing tinted window film is quicker and less disruptive to building tenants than more drastic measures like replacing window glass.

In addition to significantly reducing energy use, colored window film can completely change the look of a building. Though window films are typically applied to the inside of the glass, they can also be installed on the outside if you want to change the color of a building’s windows drastically.

For example, owners of older buildings with an outdated glass color often choose to apply colored window film to update and modernize their facilities.

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Make Your Investment Back in Energy Savings

According to major studies conducted by the US Department of Energy and CONSOL Energy, the average time to make back your investment on colored window tinting in energy savings is three years.

Campbell’s clients often receive a return on investment in less than a year and even in 8-9 months in some cases. Since colored window film can last up to 30 years, you’ll save a lot of money on operating costs over the film’s lifespan.

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Residential Colored Window Film

We also provide colored window film tinting services for homes and residential buildings of all types. Colored window films reduce home energy costs as well as filter out 99.9% of the sun’s rays that cause fading.

Additional benefits include the reduction of “hot spots” in your home and added privacy. Colored window film can also update the look of older residential buildings like apartment buildings or condos.

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How Much Does Colored Window Film Cost?

Pricing varies based on the materials used in the window film, color, level of protection, and other factors.

However, you can generally expect to pay in the range of $8-$12 per square foot of colored window film.

More expensive films are more color-stable, provide more solar protection, and last longer — the size of the job and how difficult the installation also affects the end price.

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If you’re ready to install colored window film on your commercial building or residential property, the next step is a consultation.

We will discuss your goals, budget, and evaluate your property to assess the scope of the job. Once we’ve assessed the entire scope of the project, we’ll provide a formal proposal with an accurate estimate of the total cost, including installation.

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