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No matter what type of commercial building you think of, they all have one need in common: security.

All businesses and facilities face a myriad of threats that are man-made, natural, or accidental.

Glass doors and windows are the most vulnerable points of any building, so it’s absolutely vital to not overlook these weak points when you’re looking for ways to increase security.

That’s where 3M commercial security window film installation comes in.

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We Use The Best Commercial Window Security Film

When it comes to commercial security film, 3M is the best of the best. It is made of a pliable polyester Mylar coating, which is applied to the inside surface of glass doors and windows to create a protective barrier for enhanced safety and security.

This shatterproof window film can be used to protect people and property against crime, natural disasters, bomb blasts, and more.

Benefits of 3M Window Security Film For Commercial Properties

Forced-Entry & Commercial Burglary Prevention

One of the best ways to prevent break-ins and other types of forced entry at your business is to reinforce your windows with commercial security film. When you apply 3M security film to your glass doors and windows, they become highly resistant to impacts from common break-in and burglary tools like hammers and crowbars. The film holds the glass together under an attack and delays entry by up to 3 minutes, which is often enough time to make a would-be burglar think twice about targeting your business.

In the case of a violent attacker attempting to gain entry to your commercial facility, the valuable delay created by 3M films can give building occupants time to react by escaping or barricading themselves inside and calling 911. They can then wait for the authorities to arrive and respond to the situation. Security glass film is one of the most affordable and efficient ways to protect your property and personnel against crimes.

forced entry protection for commercial properties

Fortification Against Natural Disasters

Commercial window security film also protects your business or facility against mother nature 24/7. Whether it’s an earthquake, wind storm, tornado, or another type of natural disaster, 3M shatterproof window film can prevent window breakage that could otherwise result in devastating losses or injury to building occupants. Standard window glass easily breaks during a seismic event or when impacted by storm debris, but 3M security film fortifies your glass doors and windows to minimize the damage and chance of injury.

Even when the existing glass breaks, glass safety film holds it together in place and prevents dangerous shards from flying inwards. This protects anyone on the inside from getting hurt by flying fragments and gives you time to make repairs after a natural disaster without leaving your business totally exposed. Though you might end up having to repair or replace glass doors and windows after a storm or seismic event, the inside of your property will remain protected against water and debris damage that can cause much greater business losses.

natural disasters are also security threat for commercial buildings

Blast Hazard Mitigation

Whether it’s an accidental explosion or an intentional bomb, the threat of some kind of explosive blast is something that many types of facilities face. Installing security film can mitigate these threats by minimizing the danger posed by glass shattered by an explosion.

Glass safety film can upgrade your commercial building’s glass to meet the US General Service Administration’s blast mitigation compliance standards and shatter resistance requirements.

our commercial security films feature blast hazard mitigation

Security Film Protects Against Vandalism

Another common threat that businesses and commercial facilities often deal with is vandalism. In the event that someone throws a rock, brick, or another object at a glass door or window, 3M window security film will prevent it from shattering completely and leaving a hole in your property.

You can also apply anti-graffiti film, which protects against paint, scratching, gouging, and even acid etching. If your glass is damaged by vandalism, you can simply replace the window film at a fraction of the cost of repairing or replacing the existing glass.

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protect commercial windows from vandalism with security film

Fade and UV Protection

In addition to all the great security benefits that 3M window films provide, they also block out 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays.

These are the rays that can damage our skin, causing sunburns and even leading to skin cancer, as well as cause fading on furnishings and other objects near windows. With 3M window films, you don’t have to worry about the negative effects of sunlight, but you still get to keep all your natural light and visibility.

kill two birds with one stone by choosing commercial security window tinting for your office windows

Glare Blocking

Window films are also very efficient at reducing the glare that comes in through your windows. This makes 3M films ideal for commercial facilities like glass office buildings where employees work on computers all day.

You can keep your business’s curtains and blinds open to see outside and let the light in without hurting your productivity or causing strain on your eyes.

some commercial window safety films can even cut glare

Will Window Security Film Change How My Windows Look?

When it comes to the appearance of your commercial glass, you have some options. If you want to keep the existing appearance of your glass doors and windows exactly the same, you can apply a transparent security film, which is virtually invisible. However, if you do want to change the look of your glass or add privacy, there are other choices available.

There are many different colored and tinted security window films that you can choose from, which all offer the same level of protection as the clear variety. There is also a reflective type that essentially turns your glass into a one-way mirror for a high level of daytime privacy. Tinted and mirrored window films can make your facility even more secure by making it difficult or impossible for would-be intruders to see inside. This means that burglars cannot identify valuable merchandise or equipment to target and violent attackers cannot see which rooms are occupied or vacant.

At Campbell Corporation, we are experts in 3M security film installation. Contact us today for more information or to schedule a consultation with one of our security professionals.

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