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Home and commercial window frosting to increase privacy or add decorative touches

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Campbell can apply window frosting to add privacy or decorative touches to windows, doors, walls, and other glass surfaces.

There’s no need to remove or replace any of your existing glass. We simply apply a frosted window film right on top of the glass that’s already in place that will look just like it’s a part of the glass itself.

Frosted window films are a much more efficient and economical way to frost glass than installing completely new frosted windows or getting glass etched.

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use frosted window film to add privacy or decorative touches to any space you occupy

Frosted Privacy Window Film

Frosted window film covers your existing windows, doors, or walls to give them an opaque frosted appearance. It can be installed to a glass surface in a matter of minutes, making it ideal for when you want to quickly add a layer of privacy to any existing glass.

We offer frosted privacy window films for commercial and residential clients of all types and sizes.

Residential & Commercial Window Frosting

Residential clients may choose to frost certain windows to add more privacy, without the need to close curtains and blinds or sacrifice natural light. For instance, we can apply frosting film to the lower halves of bathroom windows or any other windows where you want to prevent anyone outside from seeing in. Frosted privacy film can also be applied to shower glass or anywhere else in your home where you want additional privacy.

Window frosting film is also an attractive way to create privacy in office buildings or other types of commercial facilities where there are a lot of clear glass windows, doors, and walls. For example, we can apply our films to glass conference rooms, private offices, partitions between desks, or outward-facing windows to give people more privacy while they work. Frosted window film is also a popular choice to obscure certain sections of glass in spaces open to the public like waiting rooms and reception areas.

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commercial window frosting in action.

Decorative Frosted Window Film

In addition to basic frosted window films, we also offer decorative frosted window films for when you want to add a distinctive look to any glass surface. We can custom print any designs and patterns into the frosting that you can imagine, giving it the appearance of etched glass.

We can also create different special effects using a combination of solid patterns, gradients, and fading. This allows you to control the view through different sections of the glass without compromising on style.

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decorative frosted window film

Experts in Frosted Window Film Installation

Our skilled team of technicians are highly experienced in the installation of frosted window film in all types of homes, residential buildings, office buildings, and other types of commercial facilities. Whatever your needs and goals are, let us help you add the privacy or decorative touches that you envision.

We are happy to offer a consultation to listen to your thoughts, evaluate your property, provide recommendations, and give you an estimate of the cost and installation time.

Contact Campbell Corporation today for more information about our window frosting films and frosted window treatments or to schedule a consultation.

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