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Campbell Mesh Security Screens protect your home without impeding your view of the outdoors.

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Impassable Protection, Impeccable Quality

Security cameras, alarm systems, and patrol services aren’t always enough to scare off home invaders. You need a physical barrier to entry to stop them.

Each Campbell Security Screen is made with tight-weave stainless steel mesh that resists knives, crowbars, and other burglary tools. Buy precious time for first responders by keeping threats outside.

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Custom made to fit your home

Screens and heavy-duty mounts adapt seamlessly to any door or window

“Jimmy-proof” three-point locking system keeps intruders out

Premium materials improve aesthetic value and peace of mind

Stainless steel mesh lets air in and keeps bugs out

Paw, claw, and teeth safe

Leave your windows open for fresh air day or night

Screens release easily from the inside for emergency evacuation

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Home Security Screens Never Looked So Good

Burglaries are up in your neighborhood. Way up. It’s time to fight back. Campbell is Southern California’s premier name in home protection. Specializing in both Security Screens and 3M Window Film combinations, our team of trained security experts is just a phone call away. Our free on-site home evaluation will provide you with a security plan that’s affordable and custom matched to your doors and windows.

sliding security screen doors for glass doors

Entering a No-Entry Zone

No matter what zip code you live in, chances are crime statistics are on the rise. How can you protect the ones you love and the things you value most? Security cameras and patrol services have their place but take time to react. Let’s face it, you are a knife cut, a tire iron or a hinge-destroying kick away from being victimized. What’s the best way to fight back? Campbell Security Screens. Box cutters can’t cut through. A baseball bat won’t penetrate. A crow bar can’t pry our screen doors open. And unlike a standard wooden door, bad guys can’t kick their way in. A protective three point locking system is essentially jimmy proof. When it’s time to get serious about security, Campbell Security Screen doors and windows are your best line of defense.

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Fast Exit. No Entry.

It’s the most dreaded feeling in the world. You wake from a deep sleep. The smoke detector wails and fire burns down the nearby hallway. Panic stricken, the only way out is through the window. If your home is fitted with security bars or fixed screens, you are trapped. Not so with Campbell. Our quick-release system requires only fingertip pressure and presto, the screen swings wide open. Virtually impossible to enter from the outside, our screen doors and windows open in a micro-second from the inside. Simply press the quick release bar and an emergency turns into a life saving escape route.

Our Security Screen Doors & Windows Make Safety a Breeze

It’s a scorching hot summer day. The air conditioner has been on since sun-up. Wouldn’t it be great if it wasn’t on all night? In addition to major cost savings, you just prefer to sleep beside an open window. Somehow the zzz’s are just better. Unfortunately you don’t dare. It just feels unsafe. Worry no more. With Campbell Security Screens feel free to leave your windows open day or night. Fresh air and security 24/7…it’s a combination that can’t be beat.

Pet Proof Security Mesh

Do you cringe every time the mailman or a delivery truck comes to your home? Worried that your flimsy screen door will be ripped to shreds every time a four legged member of your family gets excited? Problem solved with a Campbell Security Screen Door. Couple our 316 high tensile strength stainless steel mesh screens with an immovable mounting system and your home is certified paw proof. If a baseball bat or a crow bar can’t penetrate our screens, your pets can’t either.

pet proof screen mesh doors

Security. Quality. Style.

Think about it. You probably open and close your screen door almost a thousand times every year. In and out you go without a thought. The fact is, all window and door screens are not created equal. There are differences. Major differences. You’ll see the Campbell difference when you drive up curbside. Feel it every time you open a screen. You’ll even “hear” the difference when you close a screen door and lock it. When it comes to Security Screens, we invite you to enjoy the look, feel and sound that only premier quality can make.

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No Other Security Screen Measures Up

You can shop for security screens at a home warehouse store or opt for the quality and attention to detail only Campbell can provide. The differences are crystal clear. The big box stores sell pre-measured screens that can be mismatched all the way up to a quarter of an inch. You buy what’s on the shelf and hope it fits. Who cares? You do. Campbell takes every inch of guesswork out of screen installation. We fashion all of our screens to your exact custom specifications. No gaps or imperfections. Because they fit perfectly, Campbell door and window screens operate with swiss watch precision.

sliding mesh security screen windows

Pests Can’t Bug You

Is there anything more annoying than a pesky fly or mosquito buzz bombing your home? You’ve got a choice: spend the day with a fly swatter in hand or say goodbye to all those ill-fitting bug screens. Campbell’s premium quality tight weave screen mesh provides maximum pest control.

Our Custom Security Screen Doors Are A Perfect Fit

Instead of inexpensive drywall attachments, Campbell’s 2″, 3″ and 5″ Trim Head Heat Treated Steel Screws fasten directly into the wall studs. Screw heads are concealed behind decorative covers for a high class look. Rest assured, when we fit a Campbell screen door or window to your home, not even an earthquake can move it.

custom size sliding screen doors

Prevent Small Children From Wandering Off

If you have young children, you know that they can get into all kinds of things as soon as you take your eyes off of them. With security mesh window and door screens, you don’t have to worry about toddlers wandering out the front door or climbing out of a window and getting injured. These types of screens have locking mechanisms that keep them securely in place, so your kids definitely aren’t getting them open. You can feel comfortable leaving windows and doors open for ventilation without worrying about your little ones.

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Leave Windows & Doors Open

During those hot summer months, it can be particularly nice and refreshing to leave your windows and doors open to let a cool breeze in and make your indoor space feel more open and airy. However, regular screens are not secure, so there’s always the possibility of someone creeping into your home when you’re not looking by merely cutting, kicking, or prying their way through a screen. With security mesh window screens, you don’t have to worry about this. You can feel confident that nobody will be sneaking in through the windows and doors that you leave open to air out and cool down your house.


Security Screens Add Storm Protection

Whereas a standard window screen will get ripped to shreds by flying storm debris, security screens can withstand a lot of abuse. If you live in a high wind zone or somewhere prone to storms and extreme weather, the high durability of a mesh window screen cover is an excellent way to protect your windows and doors from storm damage. All security screens are installed with special security framing that creates an even stronger barrier against impacts. You can rest easy knowing that not only are your windows and doors safe from man-made threats but from risks posed by mother nature as well.

storm clouds

Increase Property Value

Normal window and door screens do very little to increase your property value. If anything, they tend to wear out and just need to be replaced by future owners. Security screens do just the opposite. The added security and other benefits they provide actually help to raise your property value, making them a worthwhile investment for any homeowner. They won’t wear out or get damaged over time like standard windows screens, so you don’t have to worry about them detracting from the appearance or curb appeal of your property. These types of screens are also 100% custom-fit to your windows and doors, so they match the architecture as closely as possible. Standard screens come in predetermined sizes that don’t always fit every window and door perfectly or match the property design as well as they could.

property value

Why Our Custom Security Screen Doors & Windows Are Better Than Standard Versions Bought At General Retailers

In very little words, custom security screens are ordered and made to fit your windows perfectly. You just give us call, we send a team to measure your doors and windows and we use those measurements to manufacture screens the way you want them.

On the other hand, screens from big box stores are produced in mass and not designed to fit your particular window size and even style.

But why would anyone buy them, you might wonder. They are convenient in several ways, one of them being that they are, most of the time, more economic. However, when it comes to more important factors such as energy-saving and security, they fall short.

Advantages of Getting your Security Screens Custom-Made

Here are the advantages of having your security screens custom-made instead of picking up at your closest large store.

1. Custom-made Security Screens are made to fit

One of the reasons why anyone will waltz into a big box looking for a security screen to fit their window is that they believe that all windows and door sizes are standard, or at least within a range. The truth is that every manufacturer has its own standards in size and even these have changed over the years.

This means that your chances of finding the ones that will perfectly fit your window are rather small.

To make these mass-produced products fit at your home, you need to make adjustments to your windows. This has some cost implications that are not comparable to what you will invest in screens tailored to your home.

Custom windows and doors can be made to fit any door. Not only that, but they are also easier to install and they will easily blend in with the house’s architectural design.

2. More energy efficient

Here at Campbell, we thrive to offer the most energy-efficient product. Our screens allow perfect air circulation and do not block the view from inside.

Standard windows, being of a standard size will sometimes leave gaps between the screen unit and the window. To fill in this gap, builders will use a filler or other insulator to cover those spaces.

Big box screens have poor efficiency for this reason. As stated before, custom screens will fit perfectly on your windows, without the need for any filler.

3. You can Pick the Style that Matches You and Your Home

We can make your windows fit your home’s or business’s particular aesthetics. This not only includes the design, but also the colors, and special features. In this way, we preserve the original look of the premises.

Our security screens are made of tight-weave stainless steel that guarantees to keep threats outside and buy you precious time.

You can also add special features to your screens. Hardware, grids, and screen specifications will make your screen look more like you.

4. Better Quality

It goes without saying that tailored security screens offer a much higher quality than the standard big box ones. You get what you pay for.

When you order your security screen to fit your windows and doors, you have more control over the quality. If you notice any imperfections or the screen does not fit on the first try, you are in the position to demand a better product.

Also, mass-produced screens are usually shipped in bulk, and some might suffer damage. As a result, some of them will look bent or cracked before getting installed. This will reduce their life expectancy and made them even less efficient.

5. Increased Property Value

Compared to standard screens, custom screens will add value to your property. They are stronger, more efficient, and will last much longer.

Here in Campbell, we live by our guarantee and will see that your screen looks firm and sturdy all the time.

Plus, a custom security screen also improves the looks of your building, making it more visually appealing to potential buyers.

About Campbell Security

What started in 1988 as a one-man automobile tinting business has grown to become one of the leading window film and specialized security company’s in the country. A five time 3M Window Film Dealer of the Year, founder Brad Campbell has built an award-winning business around a team recognized for its expertise, vast experience and exceptional customer service. From the city’s tallest skyscrapers, to schools, to homes throughout Southern California, Team Campbell is dedicated to providing the ultimate in home security while lowering energy costs and improving your quality of living.

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