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Solar Glass Windows

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Campbell Corporation offers solar glass window treatments that allow sunlight to pass through a window, door, or glass façade to a certain degree while blocking and reflecting away a large amount of the sun’s heat.

Our solar glass window solutions serve many practical and aesthetic purposes for commercial and residential properties.

They can be used to reduce energy costs, get rid of glare, and even add privacy or update the look of a building with unique mirrored or colored effects.

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The Importance of Solar Glass Windows
in Energy Savings

Campbell’s solar glass window films add layers of high-performance materials that serve a dual purpose to existing glass surfaces. They work to repel solar heat and block out UV rays while still allowing natural light in and not reducing outward visibility.

In hot conditions, these types of treatments help to greatly reduce the cost of cooling down interior rooms by reflecting the sun away from the building and minimizing solar heat gain through window glass.

Our solar glass window solutions also add a layer of insulation to the inside of outward-facing windows. This means that when it is hot outside, the cool air inside will be reflected inwards and dispersed around the room, reducing the need to use cooling equipment like air conditioners and fans.

In cold conditions, these types of films will keep warm air from escaping out through the window panes so fast and cut down on the need to use heating equipment to keep inside temperatures comfortable.

Paying for solar glass windows is an investment that generally earns itself back within an average of three years.

However, Campbell has seen many clients make a return on investment in a year or less. In fact, we’ve had commercial clients who have reported energy savings of up to $300,000 during the first nine months after installation.

Because our solar glass window films can typically be expected to last about 20 years, it’s an excellent investment for your business or home.

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Commercial Solar Glass Window Solutions

All our solar glass window films can be applied to commercial glass surfaces of all sizes to turn them into solar glass windows. We have experience working with all types of commercial clients, from small retail stores to skyscrapers and large office campuses. We are committed to helping you choose the perfect solar glass window film for your specific glass type, goals, and budget.

Our films are a much more budget-friendly, more efficient, and less disruptive way to start saving on your utility bill and keep your indoor temperatures comfortable without replacing your existing glass. Since our window films go right on top of the glass that’s already in place, there’s no need to install completely new solar glass windows. We are happy to do commercial installations on nights and weekends, so there will be no disruption to building tenants’ workdays.

Another benefit of our solar glass windows is that they block out the sun’s glare and 99.9% of harmful UV rays. This means that employees working inside a glass office building can concentrate on getting their tasks done on their computers, without needing to squint or close drapes and blinds. Since virtually all the UV rays are blocked out, your carpeting, curtains, and anything else near the windows are protected from fading.

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Residential Solar Glass Window Solutions

In addition to commercial services, Campbell offers a full range of solar glass window treatments for homes and residential buildings. We can apply window films to the existing glass on your entire house to help you reduce your utility bill and keep your rooms comfortable year-round. Whether you live in a hot or cold climate, solar glass windows can help you control the solar heat or insulate your home while blocking out the sun’s glare and harmful UV rays that cause furniture, upholstery, and carpets to fade.

We can apply completely transparent solar window films that won’t reduce your natural light or visibility at all or add special colored or reflective effects to increase your privacy. Our transparent films are ideal for home offices or entertainment rooms where you want to be able to see computer screens or TV screens during the daytime without having to close the blinds. Our reflective films or colored films are great for adding daytime privacy and solar protection to ground-level glass doors or windows.

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How Much Does Solar Glass Window Film Cost?

Though specific performance factors and the exact composition set the price for each type of window film, our films can generally be expected to fall in the $8-$12 per square foot range.

Other factors that influence the final price include the scope of the job and the difficulty of installation.

Keep in mind that ultra-hi-tech window films, such as Low-E films, are typically more expensive. We will be able to provide you with an accurate estimate of the cost after a consultation and evaluation.

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Ready to Turn Your Windows into Solar Glass Windows?

If you’re considering Campbell Corporation to supply and install solar glass window film to your property, the first step is to schedule a consultation. We will listen to your goals and vision and discuss your budget to provide recommendations for you and your glass.

We will also conduct a thorough assessment of your property and measure all the windows you want to treat to give you a precise estimate of the cost and installation time.

Campbell always strives to get the job done in the shortest amount of time possible and with little disruption to the client. Our team of technicians is professional, courteous, and on time. We will always respect your home or place of business during the installation process.

We can even install samples and provide an energy analysis to help you choose the right film and help you claim rebates from your utility company after the project is completed.

Contact Campbell Corporation today for more information about our solar glass window solutions or to schedule a consultation.

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