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Campbell Corporation is a leading supplier and installer of UV blocking window film and UV protection window film.

Our UV films for windows are proven to improve year-round temperature control, lower your utility bills, block out harmful UV rays, cut down on glare, and provide a quick return on investment.

All our UV blocking window films can be applied to all types of residential and commercial glass, from individual homes to multi-building office campuses.

ultraviolet protection window film homes commercial buildings

Benefits of UV Blocking Window Film

Significant Energy Cost Reduction

UV protection window film reflects the sun’s heat and disperses cool air inside, decreasing the need to use cooling equipment like fans and air conditioners to stay cool in the summer.

When it’s cold outside, UV blocking window film also helps insulate your glass to keep warm air inside.

These combined effects result in significant savings on your utility bill, no matter what climate you live in or what the outside temperature is.

uv film keeps properties cool and saves on energy bills

Blocks Out Damaging UV Rays

Our UV film for windows also blocks out 99.9% of the sun’s UV rays that cause fading.

This means you can leave your windows uncovered when the sun is shining through them without having to worry about your furniture, upholstery, carpets, and other items losing their color and value over time.

UV protection window film also protects your drapes and blinds against fading, keeping them looking new for longer.

campbell uv film for windows and doors residential commercial

Protects Against Glare

In addition to temperature control and UV blocking, our UV film for windows greatly cuts down on the amount of glare that comes in through your glass.

This makes it ideal for rooms where you want to be able to focus on televisions or computer screens without straining your eyes or covering the windows.

When you apply UV blocking window film, there’s no longer any need to block out natural light by closing curtains or blinds to get rid of glare and reduce discomfort.

block out harmful uv rays with campbell window film

Quick Return on Investment

Two major studies conducted by the US Department of Energy and CONSOL Energy have concluded that the average amount of time to receive a return on investment from UV blocking window film is three years.

However, we’ve had clients who have so significantly reduced their energy use after installing UV film for windows, that they made their money back in 8-12 months.

Our UV protection window films are typically expected to last about 20 years, making them a worthwhile investment for any property.

ultraviolet window film return on investment

UV Protection Window Film Installation Experts

We have experience completing UV blocking window film installation projects of all sizes. Whether it’s a luxury home or a skyscraper, our team of professional technicians is ready to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

We are committed to helping you choose the perfect UV protection window film for your home or place of business and installing it with as little disruption to your schedule as possible.

Contact Campbell Corporation today for more information about our UV film for windows or to schedule a consultation.

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What started in 1988 as a one-man automobile tinting business has grown to become one of the leading window film and specialized security company’s in the country. A five time 3M Window Film Dealer of the Year, founder Brad Campbell has built an award-winning business around a team recognized for its expertise, vast experience and exceptional customer service. From the city’s tallest skyscrapers, to schools, to homes throughout Southern California, Team Campbell is dedicated to providing the ultimate in home security while lowering energy costs and improving your quality of living.

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