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Campbell Window Film - 2015 National 3M Dealer of the Year




Campbell Window Film - Energy Saving

Energy Savings

Campbell Window Film is the Southern California leader in providing commercial window film solutions. Our full-service offering includes energy efficiency consulting...

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Campbell Window Film - Safety and Security

Safety and Security

Windows and glass doors are the weakest part of any building’s envelope. The risk of theft, personal injury and property damage from forced entry, earthquakes, or accidents are...

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Campbell Window Film - White Glove Service

White Glove Service

Determined to bring a higher level of professionalism to the industry, Brad Campbell developed a simple philosophy to build...

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Campbell Window Film -Decorative Film

Decorative Film

We offer a number of decorative window film solutions tailored to your exact needs. The team at Campbell can create exactly what you're looking for by...

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"...truly went above and beyond to meet last minute requests and deadlines. Excellent communication and customer service skills"  
- Ana Wendt, Divco West