10 Myths Answered About Commercial Window Film

By April 12, 2016 August 20th, 2020 Commercial, News

Here at Campbell, we are not only passionate about the possibilities of window film, we are very passionate about spreading our knowledge, too!

We are constantly asked questions about our commercial installations and service, so we compiled a list of our 10 most asked “myths”, and we answered each one.


1. There is only one type of window film per building type.

False: Not every building type is the same, each has different expectations and unique goals. We make appropriate recommendations based on our expertise and your needs. Often we will install test panels to run an energy analysis and determine the perfect fit for your building type.


2. Applying for a commercial building energy efficiency rebate is difficult and time consuming.

False: We will do the work for you. If the utility company requires pre and post inspections, we will make certain they have everything needed. We are here to help every step of the way, and in many cases can submit and complete the application for you.


3. Window films don’t last a lifetime.

It depends: Life expectancies, standard usages, and warranties differ depending on type of window film. Commercial applications have a standard 10-15 year life expectancy. But with advancement in technology, we forecast our window films to last for 20 years or longer. Most 3M window films outlast their warranty time period.


4. It takes a very long time for the film to be installed.

False: After reviewing your property and understanding the scope of work our representative will meet with you to set a time frame. It all depends on the size of the job, and we always work diligently to finish on time.


5. Installing window film on my commercial buildings will disrupt my business.

False: To avoid disruption to your business, we are able to complete installation on weekends and evening hours.


6. Window film can cause glass to break.

False: No need to worry about glass breakage, we consider the glass type and shading conditions prior to installation so the appropriate product is installed. In addition, the warranty covers glass breakage.


7. Window film can cause my building’s dual pane windows to get foggy or fail.

False: Our entire window film line is dual pane safe. Dual pane failures are caused by defective or weak seals, and any dual pane window can fail with or without window film. Again, 3M’s warranty covers both film and glass replacement if a failure occurs.


8. You need special cleaners to clean windows after the film is installed.

False: After the 30 day dry-out period, the window film may be cleaned with mild soapy water or any alcohol based cleaner and a soft clean cloth. We are more than happy to help. After installation we provide complete cleaning and care instructions.


9. Security window films can be installed on your own.

False: Installing security window film is never a DIY. We need to install both an attachment system and thick window film. From experience, we have seen that thinner films with no attachment systems do not perform very well. We can help you create a custom solution to prevent smash and grab burglaries, contact us to discuss your specific needs.


10. Anti-graffiti window films interfere with the view into my storefront.

False: It will be virtually invisible. Anti-graffiti film is clear.


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