3 Amazing Benefits You Get with 3M Thinsulate Window Film All Year Long

By September 22, 2016 March 7th, 2023 Blog, Commercial, How To, News

Summer has officially come to an end as today is the beginning of the Fall Equinox, which means less AC and more heating for many households. Places like California, however, have hot and cold (to us) days year-round, which can have a noticeable effect on your energy costs.

This is why Campbell’s new 3M Thinsulate Window Film is the choice for hot OR cold days, and energy cost reduction.

Window Film has evolved immensely from just blocking out the sun’s rays; now it can protect you and even insulate your home. And so, these are 3 reasons why you should have us install all-season 3M Thinsulate Window Tinting today.

1. Rain, Snow or Shine: Thinsulate Works

An ideal home or workplace would have consistent year-round interior climate regardless of the weather. Windows can be up to 30 times less insulated than the roof and walls. Although windows make up a fraction of the housing shell, more than 30% of all the heating and cooling energy used in buildings and homes is due to the heat lost or gained through windows. 3M Thinsulate Window Film keeps your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.


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2. Lower and Lower Energy Costs

Fall and winter mean colder days and nights, and for many homes natural gas heating is the solution. The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) reports the average household will spend $578 this winter for natural gas heating and $930 for electric heat. Cut these costs by having Campbell install 3M Thinsulate Window Film to retain the heat in your home from that escapes through the windows. Beyond that, when winter ends and the hot days return, the 3M Thinsulate Window Film will still work, rejecting heat from coming in, which will cut your energy costs even more. Take a moment to view this video to see how Thinsulate Window Film saves you money year-round.


3. Environmentally Friendly

Installing 3M Thinsulate Window Film will reduce your energy use, which in turn, will reduce the environmental impact. The Guardian Environment Network reports that the United States uses more electricity for cooling than the entire continent of Africa. Air conditioning by burning fuels (like natural gas) causes more greenhouse emissions when pushing heat out of a house than a furnace does when putting the same quantity of heat into a house. 3M products are also dedicated in using sustainable materials to help their customers reach their environmental goals.

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