5 Tips to Protect Your Home During the Holidays

By December 22, 2015 March 9th, 2020 News, Residential

The stockings are hung and the Christmas tree is lit; it’s the holiday season, and everyone is excited. As thrilling as the holidays can be, it’s easy to let your focus drift from some of the most important things, such as your home’s safety.

The FBI estimates that more than 400,000 burglaries and home invasions occur in the United States during the months of November and December. Protect your home this season with these few tips.

  1. Make sure that your gifts are not visible from the street or sidewalk.

You may want to display your beautifully lit tree in the window, however this can make your home a target for theft. It is recommended that you wait until Christmas day to put out your pile of gifts. Another option is to keep your shutters or window treatments closed in order to detract attention from your windows.

  1. Keep track of your packages.

With everyone shopping online today, it is important to keep track of your deliveries. One way to eliminate the risk of “porch-pirating” is by having your packages delivered to the office. If this not an option, arrange to be home at the delivery date and time, or contact the carrier to place the package out of sight. Regardless, be sure to track your packages travel status progress online.

  1. Don’t forget to lock up.

A surprising 30 percent of home burglaries occur by entry through an unlocked door, window or other opening without resorting to force.* Making sure your doors and windows are locked is basic home security, and yet frequently forgotten.

  1. Know your neighbors

If you’re planning to be gone during the holidays, ask your neighbors, family or friends to keep an eye on your house.

  1. Invest in Safety & Security film.

Windows and glass doors are the weakest part of any building’s envelope. In fact, around 60 percent of burglars used forcible entry to gain access to a home.* Safety and security window films are bonded to the glass and hold it safely in place, even when it has been shattered. This adds a high level of glass safety and helps to protect anyone near a window from bodily injury. Installing safety and security film is a long-term investment to protect the things you love.

*FBI Crime Report