Blue’s Broadcast: Blue Drops the Bomb…

By January 14, 2016 March 9th, 2020 Commercial, Residential

Blue here for your weekly Blue’s Broadcast!


Today I am going to share a video that will really blow your mind!


By now, you probably know that our Campbell Window Film can protect against smash and grab burglaries, bullets, and natural disasters. But did you know that we have window film so strong that it can prevent glass shatter after a bomb blast!?


Check out our team at Campbell Window Film performing a blast test on a window with no-film and a window equipped with our GSA Blast Window Film Level C. See who stands up to the test!



If you need to ensure that your building’s windows are GSA-compliant and can withstand a bomb blast, contact Campbell Window Film today! A trained and factory-certified representative is available to meet with you to determine the best security film options for your building.