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The Campbell Difference

Is window film the right choice for your property?

Campbell Energy Consulting can help you answer that question. We will guide you through every step toward a comprehensive Request For Proposal (RFP) and, hopefully, a big payoff.

Getting your RFP right is our mission. The overall success of your project hinges on it.

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Campbell Energy Consulting Will:

01. Determine

Determine whether window film is viable and cost-effective for your Anaheim property.

02. Provide

Provide all the specifications and details needed for a successful RFP.

Energy consulting is only the first step in your commercial window film installation process.

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When we started researching window film, we recorded temperatures over 110 degrees inside our building. The solar load was astronomical.

We coordinated with Campbell Window Film, did a complete energy analysis including test samples, and saw reductions down to 75 degrees. Confident about the energy savings, we installed window film on both the south and east sides of our two towers. With 52 stories in each tower, that adds up to approximately 3,300 windows.

Over a nine-month period, we saved over 1,600,000 KWH which translates to over $300,000 and an ROI of less than a year. The whole process far exceeded my expectations.

Michael BrooksOperations Manager, City National Plaza, Los Angeles, CA

Having received our rebate check from LADWP I am prompted to express my sincere appreciation for the exemplary manner in which your company performed on the project, from early-phase testing, energy consulting and value engineering, to final completion.

The organization of your team, their attention to detail and the finish quality all made for a seamless installation. It's always refreshing to work with a company that understands how, and is dedicated to, making such a large project go smoothly. Your continued and prompt communication was appreciated and made for an efficient project.

Your continued support during and after the completion of the project with LADWP engineers and assisting with the rebate process was invaluable.

Jan ChurchCPM, RPA General Property Manager, Howard Hughes Center, Los Angeles, CA

I wanted to reach out to you to compliment your team that has been working at Corporate Pointe on the window tint and spandrel. We are already seeing the results in our tenant comfort and ability to cool the building. Thank you for all your help getting us through this.

Wendy M. DonellRPA Senior Property Manager, 600 Corporate Pointe, Culver City, CA

Why Is Window Film So Effective For Energy Savings?

Window film earned top-tier rankings from a recent Department of Energy study on commercial energy conservation technologies.

According to the DOE, window film savings pay off in about three years, the fastest payback rating available in the report. Window film was also named “most likely to succeed” based on customer acceptance, ease of retrofit, knowledge base, and supply chain strength.

Total Energy Bill Savings
kWh/sq. ft. Savings on Single Pane Windows
kWh/sq. ft. Savings on Double Pane Windows
Average Temperature Drop Next To a Filmed Window
Solar Heat Reduction
Reduction in Harmful UV Rays

Test Panels

Seeing is Believing

Our world-class computer models are pinpoint accurate, but nothing compares to actually seeing new window film on your property. You’ll be able to evaluate before and after temperatures, how various films affect work space lighting, and how building aesthetics are changed.

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Step 1

We create an energy history of your property.

Step 2

Our team of energy experts surveys your site, meets with your team, and measures your glass.

Step 3

We model your building using your existing data and then virtually apply up to five window films to find the best fit for your property.

Step 4

We install full-sized test panels to check the effectiveness of the film and allow you to preview the appearance of the product.

Step 5

You receive your Campbell Report, which includes:

√ Projected energy savings
√ ROI timetable
√ RFP recommendations
√ ...and much, much more!

The Campbell Energy Report

Campbell Energy Consulting takes all the guesswork out of your window film project. Our comprehensive report results from a thorough survey process and detailed analysis of your property. We apply our 30 years of experience to be sure you have every detail you’ll need to assemble an RFP that exceeds industry standards.

In addition to analyzing and forecasting your building’s needs, our reports include photos of your property with notes that highlight key areas of need. You will also receive detailed requirements and recommendations for:

  • Installation Best Practices
  • Energy Analysis
  • Detailed Explanation of the Energy Analysis
  • Contractor Recommended Requirements
  • Certification
  • LEED Points
  • Cleaning
  • Insurance
  • Warranty
  • Lifecycle Reports

Your report will address every aspect of the project to avoid common problems that can occur if not proactively addressed prior to RFP and award.

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Why Campbell Energy Consulting?

We want to provide building owners and managers with the knowledge they need for informed decisions. Very few energy consulting firms, architects, or building engineers can match our comprehensive knowledge of window film.

Teaming with Campbell gives you the experience of a company that has completed energy analyses for over 50 large buildings, saved clients over 1 billion kWh, and secured over $1 million in energy rebates.

Some window tinting companies provide free quotes. Why pay for this information?

If you are only interested in having window film installed, you can get a free quote. If, however, you want a detailed assessment of your building with projected energy savings, ROI, test panels, and expert RFP recommendations, we’re the team for you.

How long does the process take?

Reports are typically available 2-3 weeks after we collect and receive all of the necessary background information.

How will you arrive at an ROI if we haven’t gone to RFP?

Although we will not present an official proposal unless invited to do so, our representative numbers are more than sufficient for decision-makers to understand the costs and ROI.

What if I want Campbell to do the installation?

We would welcome the opportunity to complete your project, but corporate bylaws generally require that a capital expenditure the size of a window film project must go out for bid.

We separate consulting from our installation services but will be happy to provide installation if offered the opportunity to bid on the project.

What happens after installation?

Installation is only one part of the process. After your building’s film is put in place, rebate paperwork must be submitted and the utility company will likely need to conduct inspections.

If we are chosen as your installer, all follow-up is included. When a large rebate is on the line, working with professionals that have handled delicate communications with utility company engineers is paramount.

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