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Increase Your NOI with a Facade Makeover

Facade Re-Imaging (sometimes referred to as building wraps) and exterior window film bring older buildings up to today’s performance and aesthetic standards.

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We renovate and transform building facades

These affordable updates can rejuvenate an entire building’s appearance, improve energy savings, and entice prospective tenants searching for a modern office space.

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Advantages of Modernizing Your Facade


“Re-imaging” existing surfaces typically costs 7 to 15x less than new glass and substrates

Title 24 Compliance

California’s 2016 energy standards require heat rejecting performance with any window updates


Restore the bars between your building’s windows (“mullions”) to like-new with no downtime for your occupants

Spandrel Glass Repair

Cost-effective solutions that cover failing exterior glass between floors (“spandrel”)

Increasing NOI

9701 Wilshire Facade | Campbell Window Film 800-580-9997
Before Building Wraps | Campbell Window Film | 800-580-9997
Before Building Wraps | Campbell Window Film | 800-580-9997

A commercial building’s value is derived from its NOI (Net Operating Income), or how much lease money it generates per year, minus expenses (divided by the cap rate). Once an office building ages beyond 20-30 years, it can look worn out, dated and unattractive to prospective tenants, so occupancy can fall, and rents may stagnate.

Changing the appearance with new glass (re-glazing) or re-cladding, or even an exoskeleton can cost millions. How are you ever going to pay for that? Unless you are sitting on a solid gold location, you probably can’t.

That is where we come in. Campbell has developed a facade resurfacing system to change the existing spandrel glass, view glass, and even the metal window frames (mullions). All of this can be done for a fraction of the cost of the other options mentioned above – in fact we are often 7 to 15 times less!

Your newly revitalized building facade will attract more attention which can drive more traffic, increasing occupancy, and enabling higher lease rates. Combine that with lowered energy cost, and you have an engine for higher profits.

It all starts with a conversation, so call 800-580-9997, or click the contact button above and lets discuss how to drive your NOI through the roof.

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Additional Building Modernization Solutions from Campbell

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Benefits of Facade Re-Imaging For Commercial Property Owners

  • Enhance competitive positioning
  • Control/reduce operations and maintenance expenses
  • Enhance Net Operating Income (NOI) and asset value
  • Improve the building’s reputation
  • Meet Title 24 regulations for glazing
  • Attract and retain tenants
  • Stay ahead of new regulations
  • Hedge utility rate increases

Commercial Case Studies

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We have successfully added high-performance window film to notable commercial sites all over California. Read our Case Studies to see what we did and why.

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