If You Want to Enhance Your Home’s Skylights, You Need to Read This!

By January 20, 2016 Commercial, Residential

Skylights offer a variety of benefits both physical and psychological. Natural lighting can bring life into a small space while also offering more privacy in large spaces. Skylights can improve health and happiness by welcoming natural light into the comfort of a home. If you have skylights, then you know that they provide a visual connection to the outdoors as well as offer the potential to save money and energy from using more natural lighting.

Although skylights offer wonderful benefits, they can become too bright and uncomfortably hot, especially during summer months…and that’s where window film comes in…

…We can help bring skylights to their full potential by adding window film tinting!

While many skylights already have tinted glass, generally it is not enough to control heat and glare. Campbell Window Film works hard to install the perfect level of tinting, ensuring that your skylights are the best they can be. With our twenty-plus years of experience, any risk and guesswork is eliminated; as a computerized checklist will be run for each skylight to determine its strength. We will offer multiple film options based on your home’s needs and will help you make the right decision.

Plastic skylights cannot accommodate tinting film. This is because heated plastic creates an “out-gassing” effect that results in the adhesive bonding the film to the skylight to quickly fail.

If you already have plastic skylights, don’t worry!

Campbell Window Film will replace them with glass at a low cost by using the existing opening and curbing around the skylight. We will ensure that you have a watertight seal by using a new flashing before the tinting film is installed.


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