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The enormous savings you can obtain by having window film installed on your commercial building’s windows is a treasure trove just waiting to pay you handsomely. Post-installation, owners will often ask themselves why they waited so long to increase profits and improve tenant comfort.

You can reduce utility costs, increase security, and update appearances all at once. Choose from clear films for storefronts and security to sun and energy-controlling window film.

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Why Choose Campbell?

We are recognized as a leading source for window film tinting in California.

We will transform your building’s glass into a high-performance highlight.

A good quality interior-applied film can last two to three decades when supplied by a reputable manufacturer. However, the warranties are usually conservative and have a 10-15 year commercial warranty which covers materials and labor for the whole term.

Generally speaking, Orange County commercial window film is installed on the interior surface of the glass. There are certain instances, however, when access is poor on the inside, performance cannot be enhanced sufficiently due to the glass type, or an appearance change is desired from the outside of a building with a dated glass color. In these cases, exterior films are an excellent solution.

When making the determination whether to use interior or exterior window films, and to choose the right film for your project, you will need to consult with a window film expert.

Our courteous and experienced installers will come in on your schedule and be respectful of your building and tenant spaces. We understand how, and are dedicated to, making every project go smoothly.

Watch the video below to learn more about Campbell can become your energy-saving partner with Orange County commercial window film.

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