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Campbell Clear Glass Office Desk Partitions / Dividers With Optional C-Clamp Brackets

Due to the social distancing needs created by Covid-19, we’ve been hard at work developing our full line of Campbell’s sneeze guards. Our mission is to protect people, and we want to help you implement new safety measures in style.

Offices and similar work settings present unique challenges when it comes to social distancing. That’s why we created mobile office partitions to help get you and your employees back to doing business safely again.

We Have A Divider For Every Office Setting

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office desk partition in action
super small footprint for our office partition

What You Need to Know About Our Office Desk Dividers

Clamp On, Free Standing & Permanent Mounting Options

We can mount large partitions on wheels for maximum mobility and flexibility. We can also provide you with partitions that sit flat on top of any surface or clip onto the edges of surfaces like desks and countertops using C-clamps.

  • Portable options include wheels, C-clamps, and flat bases
  • Permanent mount options are also available
  • Permanent mount models can be mounted on any flat surface (walls, desks, tables, countertops)
clap on office desk divider partitions

Small Footprint

We design all our sneeze guards and partitions to take up a minimal amount of space. We don’t want you to have to sacrifice your decor and space to work in the name of safety.

  • Slim, sleek bases that complement your decor
  • All hardware is hidden
  • Even permanent mount models take up very little surface space
super small footprint for our office partition

Ready to Use Out of the Box

Our portable office partitions are ready to use in minutes by simply installing the base and wheel set. All you have to do is remove the packaging, set up in about 10 minutes, and place them wherever you need to implement social distancing measures at the moment.

    • Minimal assembly required for portable models
    • All models come with everything you need
    • Household tools and very basic assembly knowledge required to set up your barriers
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Made in the USA

All of our mobile office dividers and portable sneeze guards are made right here in the USA. We use only the best materials, and we are meticulous about design, so you can trust our products 100%.

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free standing office desk dividers made in the usa

Durable and Long-Lasting

Campbell’s premium social distancing barriers are built to last. We use highly durable anodized aluminum bases for mounting and crystal-clear acrylic or FDA-approved polycarbonate panels for the partitions’ panels themselves.

      • Crystal-clear panels provide maximum visibility
      • Panel surfaces are easy to clean
      • Polycarbonate panels offer improved impact resistance
      • Can be used even after Covid-19 to prevent the spread of seasonal colds and flu
office desk partition in action

Fully Customizable

In addition to our ready-to-go models, we can manufacture anything you need to your exact design specifications. We are committed to delivering you the perfect portable partitions for all your business’s social distancing needs.

      • Can be built to custom shapes and sizes
      • Bases available in dark bronze and silver
      • Pass-through cutouts available
      • Can choose between acrylic and polycarbonate panels
      • Various portable and permanent mounting options
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Campbell Office Partitions In Action

Campbell’s Partitions for Office and Business Social Distancing

Businesses That Can Benefit From Sneeze Guards and Office Partitions

Offices: Use Our Sneeze Guards To Divide Office Desks

Offices of all types are places where a high number of people tend to work in close quarters. Germs and viruses can spread very quickly in this work environment, so it’s very important to implement biosecurity measures like social distancing to keep everybody healthy.

Portable partitions are one such way to do this. Rather than spacing people out at 6-foot intervals, you can simply position portable dividers in between workspaces or use them to set up makeshift cubicles.

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clap on office desk divider partitions

Barber Shops and Hair Salons

Barbershops and salons are another type of business where close human contact is unavoidable. A barber or salon employee has to get close to the client to perform their job, and work stations are often positioned very close to one another.

A mobile partition can solve at least one of these problems by creating a formidable virus barrier between adjacent seats and work stations. This dramatically reduces the number of people you are potentially exposed to germs from.

Manicure and Threading Shops

These are two other types of salons where close contact is just part of doing business. However, setting up partitions between nearby work stations effectively reduces the risks of contagions during an appointment.

Additionally, barriers with pass-through cutouts can be positioned on desks where salon employees give manicures. This creates another social distancing barrier between the client receiving the manicure and the employee.


A restaurant’s profit margin relies on their ability to fill the space they have with diners, which is difficult to do if guidelines state that people should remain 6 feet apart for safety. That’s why the restaurant industry is one of the industries that can benefit the most from social distancing barriers.

So, how can restaurants stop the spread of germs while keeping the dining experience as normal as possible?

For starters, large, clear, mobile partitions can be set up around and between tables to separate different customer groups. Then, smaller guards can even be placed in the middle of a table to prevent people dining together from spreading germs back and forth (which is important if they don’t have regular close contact).

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our mobile office partition options can be used in restaurants


Last but not least, on our list of businesses that can benefit from room dividers on wheels are schools. If you work in a school or remember your last time in a classroom, you know how close the student-to-student and teacher-to-student interactions are.

Not only that, but classrooms are often modular spaces that get rearranged for different classes and activities. Portable dividers allow staff to set up the area to their liking and socially distance students safely, so everyone can get back to teaching and learning and parents can feel comfortable sending their kids to school.

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