400 & 600 Corporate Pointe Culver City

These two towers are class A office space with easy access to the 405, 90 and 10 freeways

On a clear day tenants have expansive views of metropolitan Los Angeles from this elevated property situated in the Fox Hill area near LAX international airport.

The spacious, well-appointed landscape has pathways, outdoor seating and Wi-Fi along with all of the amenities you would expect in a state of the art Los Angeles property.

01. Project

Retrofit & Repair

02. Project

400 & 600 Corporate Pointe Culver City

03. What We Did

Window Film Retrofit

Exterior Spandrel Glass Repair & Refurbishment

Case Studies: 400 & 600 Corporate Pointe Culver City, CA 90230

Our Challenges

The 600 and 400 buildings are 12 and 8 stories respectively, constructed of glass and concrete. Both towers have single pane glass and energy consumption and tenant comfort issues were concerns that needed to be resolved.

Additionally, the spandrel glass on the 400 buildings was failing and becoming an eyesore. Ownership wanted to resolve all of these concerns while addressing other exterior maintenance items such as concrete cleaning and weather sealing the window mullions and the concrete.

Project Details

600 & 400 Corporate Pointe, Culver City CA 90230

Type of Film:
3M Night Vision 25 Plus Spandrel Repair/ Resurfacing

Square Feet of Glass Covered:
Approximately 75,660 sq. ft.

Installation Time:
Both buildings were completed in 50 days

Payback Period:
3.871 years

Yearly KWH Savings:
691,434 kWh Estimated

Annual Savings:
$103,977 (13%)

3M Dealer:
Campbell Window Film

Case Studies: 400 & 600 Corporate Pointe Culver City, CA 90230


Test panels were installed for both the view and spandrel glass and photographed. Energy analyses were conducted for both buildings, and kWh savings, utility rebates, ROI, NOI and lifecycle were compiled. All of these components and photos were then presented in a detailed report.

Access equipment and scheduling sequences with other vendors were also described based on site surveys and meetings with the other contractors and building management. Ultimately the ideal combination of products was determined, and the final scope of work was approved.

3M Night Vision 25 was installed on all of the view glass throughout both buildings and the spandrel glass was refurbished to like-new condition.

The results were immediately apparent. The window film cooled the tenant spaces and common areas, making the building more comfortable and enjoyable to be in. Happy tenants called and emailed building management stating that they could feel the difference and were very pleased with the improvement.

The window film also controlled the amount of heat gain which lowered energy consumption, as was also apparent immediately once the project was completed, which took less than 3 months to complete.


Square feet of Glass Covered (Approx.)


Days to Complete Installation on Both Buildings


Yearly kWh Savings (est.)

I wanted to complement your team that has been working at Corporate Pointe on the window tint and spandrel. We have been very happy and very surprised how quickly the work happened and how painless it was for us. … We are already seeing the results in our tenant comfort and ability to cool the building. Thank you for all your help getting us through this!

Wendy M. Donell, Senior Property Manager

Campbell Window Film

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