500/550/610/660/450 Newport Center Drive

Newport Center Drive is a circular street that surrounds the world famous Fashion Island Shopping Center in Newport Beach, California.

Known for its exquisite cuisine, designer clothing stores, and proximity to the luxurious neighborhoods of Corona Del Mar and Newport’s Back Bay, this shopping hotspot is a home away from home for many of Southern California’s wealthiest residents.

The Irvine Company, known around the world for premium office environments, owns multiple commercial properties on Newport Center Drive. Their prestigious office towers include 500 and 550, 450, 660, and 610 Newport Center Drive.

The Irvine Company’s unwavering attention to detail includes being a good steward of the environment. The company has an ongoing effort to achieve net zero status on their properties. Implementing on-site energy generation, as well as maintaining the latest energy efficiencies, have made Irvine Company a thought leader in commercial real estate.

The company believes in developing long-lasting relationships with top vendors to ensure consistent quality, cutting-edge materials, and efficiency over many projects.

Campbell Window Film has been a reliable source for consulting and installation. As a result, we have been called upon to install window film on many Irvine Company properties over the years, resulting in hundreds of thousands of kilowatt hours saved and more comfortable, better-looking buildings.

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Commercial Window Film

02. Client

Irvine Company

03. What We Did

Window Film Retrofit

Case Studies: The Irvine Company

Our Challenges

Among the addresses listed above are brand new office towers that contain new, high-performance glass.

The heating and cooling costs for new buildings are significantly less than older buildings, so there is an ongoing effort to bring the older towers up to today’s energy efficiency standards and to lower the energy costs.

Project Details

500 and 550, 450, 610 and 660 Newport Center Drive

Type of Film:
3M Sun Control Window Film Prestige 70 and 40 and Night Vision 25 and 15

Square Feet of Glass Covered:
Approximately 280,000

Installation Time:
Buildings were completed in stages with a total installation time aggregate of five months, with two crews working nights and weekends

Payback Period:
Each building varied. Typical window film payback is 3-5 years depending on the film used.

KWH Savings:
In aggregate – estimated 100,000 kwh/month

3M Dealer:
Campbell Window Film

Case Studies: The Irvine Company

Our Solution

Each property was addressed as its own challenge. The goal was to increase the glass efficiency as much as possible while maintaining a modern look that matched the newer surrounding towers.

Since daylight harvesting is of paramount importance in modern office space, the glass needed to produce a bright and airy feel. Many of the towers already had an older film technology installed which needed to be removed prior to the new window film installation. In all cases, the end result was a lighter film with lower interior and exterior reflectivity.

Newer 3M window films can reject far more heat in very light shades than older films that relied on dark, reflective coatings to provide similar protection. This allowed Irvine Company to modernize the look and feel of the glass from the insides of the building and the exterior, while increasing the energy efficiency/daylighting ratio.

All of these buildings have been retrofitted with old window film removed and new film applied.


Square feet of Glass Covered (Approx.)


Crews working nights and weekends to complete installation over five months


Campbell Window Film

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