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When researching window film you have a lot of things you are considering. Which window film is the best? How long will it last? Is it safe for my windows, and how comfortable am I with the technicians being in my home? These are excellent questions every homeowner should be asking themselves. Campbell’s mission is to provide the best possible material and craftsmanship, as well as the most enjoyable experience possible for our clients. This is why we are the top pick in celebrity circles, by leading designers and architects, and security personnel tasked with ensuring estate owners have vendors that will be professional, discrete and thoroughly vetted.

One of the concerns clients have with tradesmen working in their home is whether or not the workers are trained to protect the areas they are working around and if they will work conscientiously and really truly protect your home while working and clean up neatly during and after the installation. Have their backgrounds been thoroughly checked, and are they drug-free? Essentially, how sure can you be that the installation crews are truly top notch and trustworthy? We love these questions because we have the answers we know discerning clients are looking for. We have thought through every aspect of our process, not only from a technical and efficiency standpoint, but from the customer’s perspective as well.

Here are some facts about Campbell that may help you in your research:

  • We use 3M Window Films, a household name known as a premium quality brand, worldwide.
  • We have been a certified 3M implementation specialist since 2006 and 4-time winner of 3M’s Dealer of the Year award.
  • We offer lifetime residential warranties on these commercial-grade window film products, backed by 3M.
  • Our window films are safe for single and double paned windows, even new low-E windows
  • Your windows are covered by a 3M-backed glass and seal warranty for the full length of your current window warranty.
  • We have an in-house training facility and are consistently and regularly working with new and existing technicians to provide the highest level of customer service, cleanliness, punctuality, and expert craftsmanship. We have very high standards because we know you do, too.
  • All employees are thoroughly background checked and randomly drug-tested. We work on military bases and other sensitive infrastructure, as well as in high-profile individuals homes where a clean DMV and background record are absolutely essential. No exceptions.

Not all window film companies are the same. We set the standard industry wide and are respected internationally within the window film community. Our CEO, Brad Campbell, is on 3M’s DAB, or Dealer Advisory Board, which is a think tank for improving the industry as a whole. Brad has spoken at the International Window Film Conference on the topic of galvanizing the window film industry’s reputation through professionalism and technical accreditation.

We have always viewed our process from the client’s perspective and your goal is to provide the best all-around experience possible.

*This celebrity home is just one of many in our portfolio, and while we cannot disclose the client’s name or the location of the home, we do have permission from the owner to publish these photos.

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