515-555 South Flower St., Los Angeles CA 90071

City National Plaza is a twin tower office building complex consisting of 52 floors in each tower,

located on South Flower Street in Downtown Los Angeles, California.

It was originally opened in 1972 and has single pane glass throughout.

Management sought to reduce energy consumption and improve tenant comfort.

Campbell was invited in as a consultant to learn about the potential energy savings, aesthetic impact, feasibility and implementation details.

02. Client

Commonwealth Partners

03. What We Did

Window Film Retrofit

Case Studies: City National Plaza

Our Challenges

Determining the best product for energy savings and tenant comfort with a minimal impact on the buildings’ aesthetics and the breathtaking city views was a decision that required an exhaustive discovery process.

Multiple test panels were “mocked up” to allow building management to view the filmed windows in contrast to one another and to clear, untreated glass in various day and evening lighting conditions.

The test panels also allowed Campbell’s energy engineers to take BTU, daylighting, and other solar spectrum readings of the various films. Data loggers were also used to determine the ambient temperature reduction resulting from each potential film.

Another challenge with large commercial window film projects is the logistics involved in implementation. An in-depth assessment of each floor was made to determine the potential time frame and tenant-specific requirements.

Project Details

515-555 South Flower St., Los Angeles CA 90071

Type of Film:
3M Night Vision 25

Square Feet of Glass Covered:
225,000 sq. ft.

Installation Time:
70 days

Payback Period:
1 Year!

Annual kWh Savings:
1.6 million kWh

LADWP Los Angeles Department of Water and Power

3M Dealer:
Campbell Window Film

Case Studies: City National Plaza

Our Solution

Ultimately 3M Night Vision 25 was chosen because it offers excellent heat rejection while allowing for a clear view out during both day and evening hours.

The work was completed utilizing a “nights and weekends” schedule to minimize any inconvenience to the tenants.

Campbell’s production management team and installation crews worked with the building’s facilities manager and the engineering department to complete the work ahead of schedule and without complaints from the tenants.


Square feet of Film Installed (Approx.)


Installation Days


Annual kWh Savings

Campbell Window Film

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