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The more the merrier when it comes to glass, right? Well, not always. Sometimes large windows can allow in too much sunlight, and with that comes some unwanted effects.

The most common complaint is that the sun is too bright at certain times of the day, or too hot which makes the room uninhabitable. The second most common complaint about large spans of glass is the fading that occurs slowly over time. The hardwood floors, furnishings, piano, carpets, artwork, fabrics and essentially everything in the home is susceptible to fading. Even the most advanced, newer windows can still allow in damaging UV, heat and glare. So what is the solution? Window film, of course!

This Laguna Niguel homeowner did not want to reduce the light inside the home, but was concerned about fading and found the afternoon sun to be hot and bothersome at times. We installed 3M Prestige 70, a virtually clear, high performance window film that solved both problems. Despite it’s clear appearance, this amazing spectrally selective technology blocks up to 59% of the sun’s heat and 99.9% of the UV rays that can cause fading. You too can have the best of both worlds, with window films from Campbell. We can help you choose the perfect film for your home. Also, see our virtual viewer on this website for comparing films on glass.

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