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Living along the coast offers the ultimate in in Southern California lifestyle. Many beachside homes have extensive spans of glass to allow homeowners to maximize the views, and to allow in as much natural light as possible. All of that glass can come with a few unintended consequences however, including too much light from the westerly afternoon sun, fading from the UV light, and privacy concerns. Fortunately we can solve all of these problems with a single layer of high performance window film.

This Newport Beach home is located on the boardwalk, offering direct access to the sun, sand, surf and fun. It is also very easy for passers by to look directly into the home as they stroll by. Privacy was the primary motivation behind adding window film, but there other benefits of sun control were icing on the cake for this homeowner.

We applied 3M Prestige 40 Window Film which offers a subtle level of privacy without a harsh mirror look. When standing outside looking in it appears to be somewhat dark and difficult to see any detail inside, but inside looking out appears to be crystal clear and unobstructed. It is like a pair of sunglasses. You cannot see the wearer’s eyes, yet they can see you perfectly. Mission accomplished!

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