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When you want to add an extra layer of security to your glass, our ballistic window film is a reliable option.

We can fortify the glass on both residential and commercial properties against break-ins, shootings, storms, earthquakes, and other scenarios that put the security of your home or business at risk. Ballistic window film is not bulletproof but will hold the glass together against ballistic blasts, gunshots, and other impacts.

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Commercial Ballistic Window Film

Campbell’s world-class ballistic window films provide added security to all kinds of commercial facilities. The film goes right on top of your existing glass and is available in clear and tinted options. When you want to protect glass storefronts or windows from perceived threats, such as a bomb blast or active shooter scenario, our ballistic films are strongly recommended.

Although ballistic films do not stop bullets, they are highly effective at deterring intruders, such as burglars or other individuals looking to gain entry and cause harm. That’s why facilities like financial institutions and schools prefer our products. Not only do ballistic films protect from human entry, but they will also keep your glass in place in the face of natural events, such as strong windstorms.

Protect Retail Storefronts from Armed Robbers and Rioters

Standard window glass does nothing to prevent smash-and-grab robberies by armed robbers or looters. All someone needs to gain entry to your retail store is a hammer, rock, brick, crowbar, or another tool. Our ballistic window films have been tested in real-world settings and been proven to resist and delay entry by such attackers.

Whether you have a retail storefront in an area susceptible to protests and riots, or you have concerns about a targeted attack against your store, ballistic film can be the added layer of protection you need to keep your business safe. A film can be installed inside, outside, or on both sides of your glass for maximum resistance against all types of impacts.

Ballistic window films are not 100% impenetrable, but the amount of time they delay a would-be robber or attacker is often enough to make them think twice about targeting your business. If you are inside at the time of an attempted armed robbery or riot, the film can keep you safe and give you enough time to call the police or otherwise react. Even a few minutes can make all the difference in protecting your business.

We can also install ballistic window films in conjunction with security screens for added protection. Campbell’s security screens provide an extra deterrent to intruders and attackers on top of a window film. They also allow you to leave windows or doors open during business hours for airflow while keeping a layer of protection between you and the outdoors.

Prevent Glass from Shattering During Earthquakes and Extreme Weather

Campbell’s ballistic window films keep the glass on your retail store or other commercial building from shattering if an earthquake, hurricane, tornado, or other extreme weather event or natural disaster occurs. Even if a large piece of debris gets thrown into your windows, a ballistic window film will keep the glass from shattering inwards. You can rest easy knowing that your commercial glass and anyone or anything inside of it will be protected.

GSA-Compliant Ballistic Window Glass Films

All our ballistic window glass is compliant with the US General Services Administration’s (GSA’s) standards for blast mitigation. This means that it will significantly reduce the flight path of the glass in the event of a bomb blast, forced entry, or another impact. The GSA updates the glass and shatter-resistance requirements for commercial facilities, so you can count on us whenever you need to upgrade your current glass with ballistic window film.


Some of the benefits of our commercial ballistic window films:

  • Added building security
  • Available in clear and tinted varieties
  • Protection against bomb blasts, gunshots, seismic events, and other impacts
  • Burglary, armed robbery, and forced entry prevention
  • Protection for storefronts during riots and civil unrest
  • GSA blast mitigation compliant
  • Holds glass in place if it breaks
  • Ballistic protection for schools, financial institutions, and all types of commercial buildings

Residential Ballistic Window Film

Our ballistic window films can be applied to all types of residential glass to increase home security and prevent shattering of windows due to all kinds of impacts. Protect your family and property against burglary, armed robbery, and natural disasters with Campbell’s bullet-resistant window films. Our products are proven to greatly reduce potential threats and increase the overall safety of your home.

You don’t have to compromise on the visibility through your windows, either. You can have us install completely transparent ballistic films that you won’t even notice are there. Alternatively, if you want added privacy and solar heat protection, we also offer tinted residential window films. All our films come with a 99.9% UV protection rating, which significantly reduces the fading of things like furniture or pictures placed near windows.

Protect Your Property and Family from Home Invasion

Did you know that in 70% of home invasions, the criminals gain entry by breaking in through a window or door? When you install a ballistic film over your home’s glass, it will greatly slow down a criminal’s attempts to break the glass, deterring them from entry. Even though the films are not bulletproof, a shot from a gun won’t shatter the glass completely.

Many people think that a home alarm system or video surveillance is enough to keep intruders away. However, they are missing one important factor: physical prevention against entry. Regular glass does nothing to stop a determined individual from getting inside your property. Ballistic window films are strong enough to withstand bomb blasts and ballistic attacks, so they most definitely will hold up to blows from a bat, crowbar, or another implement.

Even if a criminal is able to gain entry to your home, the amount of time a ballistic window film delays them gives you and other residents time to react. You’ll have more time to call the police, escape, or enact other security measures. We can also provide window films with added security effects, such as a two-way mirror covering, so attackers cannot see inside to know where targets are.

Keep Your Glass Intact During Earthquakes and Storms

Campbell’s ballistic films not only protect your property from human attacks but from mother nature as well. In the event of an earthquake, hurricane, tornado, or other types of storm, a protective film will hold shattered glass in place, greatly decreasing the chance of injury inside your home. If something like a windstorm sends debris flying into a regular piece of glass, it can shatter and send shards flying at people inside.

With a ballistic window film, you can be confident that your glass will hold up to all kinds of storms and seismic events. In the case that the impact from a piece of debris is strong enough to break through the glass, the film will keep the shards together, rather than letting the glass explode inwards. This makes it much more comfortable and safer to clean up inside your home after a natural disaster.

Some of the benefits of our residential ballistic window films:

  • Protection against home invaders, burglars, and armed robbers
  • Available in clear and tinted options
  • Resistant to bomb blasts, gunshots, and other impacts
  • Protect residents during earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, and other natural events
  • Holds glass shards together if the glass breaks
  • Added security for homes, apartments, and all other types of residences

Ready for Campbell to Install a Ballistic Window Film on Your Property?

If you’ve decided that a ballistic window film is the right option for you to protect your home, retail store, school, or another commercial facility, it’s time for us to start by assessing your security needs. We’ll begin by having a conversation with you about your security concerns, goals, and budget. We’ll then measure your windows and evaluate the condition of your residence or commercial property.

After the evaluation, we will provide a formal recommendation in writing based on our findings. This will be an easy-to-understand proposal with custom, personalized solutions for you and your property. If everything sounds good to you, then we can get to work installing your new ballistic window films!

Need More Protection?

Although ballistic films do significantly increase the security of a property by keeping out intruders and their guns, remember that they do not stop bullets. If you want a higher level of protection, Campbell also offers other ballistic-grade protective glass panels. We can provide these panels in varying ballistic ratings designed to stop bullets of different calibers, weights, and velocities.

Depending on the level of security you need, we can also install these panels with our patent-pending framing system that is designed specifically to hold up against violent intrusion attempts over prolonged periods of time. With this combined system, your glass will be virtually impenetrable. Contact us today if you want to know more about our ballistic-rated glass panels and other security options.

Ballistic Window Film

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