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We supply and install a full range of window darkening films that can add privacy as well as help control temperatures and block out the sun’s glare and damaging UV rays.

Window darkening film goes right on top of your existing windows, doors, and other glass to add a layer of privacy and performance.

Window blackout film is a fast and affordable way to change the appearance and upgrade the performance of your residential or commercial glass.

Add Privacy with Window Darkening Film

Campbell offers window darkening films in a variety of shades and effects, including reflective, tinted, and totally opaque window blackout films. If you want to increase the privacy of rooms in your home or place of business, we can add a window darkening film to all windows glass doors.

You can choose from different shades of darkness and other effects to control your outward visibility and how much natural light comes in.

24 Hour Privacy Film

Keep in mind that the only way to create 24-hour privacy is by using completely opaque window blackout films.

These types of films make it so the glass is totally blacked out and nobody can see in or out, no matter what the lighting conditions are.

With non-opaque window films, it must be lighter outside than inside for them to create privacy, meaning that at nighttime, you will still need to close curtains and blinds to block the view

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24 hour light blocking privacy window film

Window Darkening Film for Heat and Glare Control

In addition to adding privacy to your windows and doors, window darkening film also has solar performance factors. Window darkening film serves to reflect solar heat during summer months and insulate your windows during winter months, meaning you won’t have to rely as much on heating and cooling equipment to keep your indoor temperatures comfortable.

This equates to significant reductions in energy use and lower utility bills, year-round.

Use Light Blocking Window Film To Preserve Your Interior

Window blackout film also works to block out the sun’s glare and 99.9% of the UV rays that cause fading.

Our films significantly reduce eye strain and discomfort caused by trying to view TV screens and computer screens when the sun is shining right at them.

They also help preserve your furniture, carpets, upholstery, curtains, and other items near windows that receive a lot of sunlight.

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use window darkening film to protect furniture from uv rays

Window Blackout Film Installation Experts

Campbell is dedicated to helping you select the perfect window darkening film for your goals, vision, and budget.

We always start with a consultation to listen to your needs and assess your property. We will then provide you with an easy-to-read proposal and estimate of the total cost for installation and materials.

Our team of professional technicians is on-time, professional, and respectful. We have experience installing window darkening film in everything from luxury single-family homes to downtown skyscrapers.

We always strive to complete the job in as short an amount of time as possible and with the least disruption to the client.

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