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Campbell’s bulletproof window treatments can be layered on top of existing glass to add strength and flexibility that make it highly resistant to bullets.

We can make nearly any type of existing glass window or door resistant to ballistic strikes and other impacts using this method to protect both residential and commercial properties. Back glazed bulletproof window panels (panels installed inside, behind your primary glass) will prevent glass flying into the room (spall) in the face of active shooter scenarios, bomb blasts, and even natural events like earthquakes and windstorms.

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Commercial Bulletproof Window Panels

Our top-quality bulletproof window panels use the latest technology to provide cost-effective security for a comprehensive range of commercial buildings. We layer the panels over the interior, exterior, or both sides of your existing glass to protect vulnerable entry points from all kinds of threats. Whether you’re worried about armed intruders, rioters, bomb blasts, or even natural disasters, our bulletproof window treatments may be the security solution you need.

Very few bulletproof glass panels are entirely bulletproof, as an attacker with a high-caliber weapon and determination may eventually get a round of ammunition through them. However, they are extremely effective at deterring would-be intruders and giving people inside a building time to react when under attack. Our ballistic solutions are popular with clients like schools, religious facilities, 24-hour convenience stores, and other types that may face the threat of armed attackers or robbers.

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Protect Retail Storefronts and Cash Transaction Points

If you want to protect your retail store against the threat of rioters or smash-and-grab robbers, bulletproof window panels might be the extra layer of protection you need for your business. It can be installed behind any type of existing glass, so you can fortify points of cash transactions like a cashier’s enclosure or check cashing windows. We can also install transparent, tinted, or two-way mirror window films, depending on the level of visibility and privacy that you want and need.

Regular window glass won’t stop a burglar or looter from getting into your store quickly by smashing it with a brick, hammer, bat, or other tools. All it takes is one blow with a hard object or a single shot from a gun to shatter your standard glass storefront into thousands of pieces. However, bulletproof window panels have been proven to resist heavy impacts and multiple gunshots to keep intruders from gaining access.

The amount of time bulletproof window panels can delay an armed robber or attacker can make a big difference in the safety of you and your business. Even if the individual is not deterred, it can slow them down enough to give you time to call the police, escape, or react in another manner. The average police response time varies but is usually around 6-10 minutes, and bulletproof window panels can give you those 6-10 minutes of reaction time.

Bulletproof window panels should be used in tandem with other security measures, such as surveillance systems and alarm systems. We can also install security screens over your glass surfaces after they have received their bulletproof film treatment. These screens add an extra layer of protection and security to your business while allowing you to open windows and doors for ventilation without completely opening entry points for would-be intruders.

Keep Your Business or Facility Safe from Debris During Storms

Campbell’s bulletproof window panels are strong enough to hold up to high-velocity impacts from flying debris during hurricanes, tornadoes, seismic events, and other extreme weather. Bulletproof window treatments will prevent the glass of your windows from shattering inwards when hit by debris, protecting anyone inside from injury. They also reduce the amount of cleanup needed after a storm or other disaster.

GSA-Compliant Blast (Non-Bulletproof) Window Glass Film

All our products are compliant with the US General Services Administration’s (GSA’s) standards for blast mitigation. In other words, they will withstand impacts from a bomb blast and significantly reduce the flight path of shattered glass. If you need to upgrade your existing glass to meet the GSA’s glass and shatter-resistance requirements for commercial facilities, call Campbell.

Benefits of bulletproof window panels for commercial clients: 

  • Allows you to keep your existing windows and glass doors
  • Adds resistance to bomb blasts
  • Protects commercial buildings from flying debris during storms
  • Keeps storefronts intact during attempted robberies or lootings
  • Meets the GSA’s glass and shatter resistance requirements
  • Protects facilities and those inside during active shooter scenarios
  • Keeps glass intact during earthquakes

Residential Bulletproof Window Treatments

Campbell’s bulletproof window panels can also be installed in residential properties for added security. If you want to protect your home and your family against break-ins, armed robbery, and storm damage, our bullet-resistant window panels might be the solution you’re looking for. All our products have been tested in labs and real-life scenarios and proven to reduce the threat of violence or burglary on your property.

Bulletproof panels go behind your existing glass windows or doors and can be completely transparent, so you won’t even notice that they’re there. However, if you want added privacy or protection from solar heat, we can also install tinted varieties. All of Campbell’s ballistic panels and window films have a 99.9% UV protection rating and significantly reduce interior fading of objects placed near glass windows or doors.

Keep Your Home and Family Safe from Burglary and Home Invasion

Standard residential glass does nothing to stop a burglar or armed intruder from gaining entry to your home. In fact, in 70% of home invasions, the criminals get in by breaking the glass on a window or door. Home surveillance systems and alarm systems only do so much to deter criminals. Still, bulletproof window panels can significantly slow down a criminal and make them think twice about trying to get into your home.

Bulletproof window treatments make your windows resistant to gunshots, but they will also prevent an intruder from easily breaking in using a hammer, crowbar, or the butt of a gun. If you’re home during an attempted robbery or home invasion, our window treatments will give you more time to call the police, escape, barricade yourself in a room, or react in other ways. Don’t wait to add the protection you and your family deserve to your home’s glass.

Protect Your Home and its Residents During Earthquakes and Storms

Our bulletproof window panels are strong enough to stand up to earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, and any other type of extreme weather. Even if an earthquake or flying debris shatters your regular glass, the protective panels will hold it in place and keep it from flying inwards toward anyone inside. This significantly decreases the chance of injury inside your home as well as keeps storm debris outside.

If an earthquake or other storm does cause enough damage to your home that the glass breaks, the panels will keep the shards outside. This ensures that it is safer and easier to clean up inside your home after an extreme storm or other natural disasters. Take the extra steps to protect your home and family from seismic events and storms by contacting Campbell today.

Benefits of bulletproof window treatments for residential clients:

  • Protects your home and family against break-ins and armed intruders
  • Makes windows resistant to gunshots and burglars
  • Prevents glass from shattering inward during earthquakes, hurricanes, and other storms
  • Adds solar heat and UV protection
  • Withstands all kinds of impacts from would-be burglars or attackers

How Do I Get Started Installing Bulletproof Window Treatments on My Property?

The first step Campbell takes when you want to give your glass bulletproof treatments is to conduct a threat assessment. We will start by evaluating your security needs and discovering what the primary perceived threats to your commercial building or residence entail. We’ll also consider any other specific goals you have and the budget you have in mind.

Once we complete a thorough threat assessment and an evaluation of your property, we always provide an easy-to-read written proposal. The proposal will set forth personalized security solutions and recommendations based on your security concerns, goals, budget, and other factors. If you approve of the proposal, we can go ahead with the installation of your new bulletproof window treatments.

What If I Need Consulting?

We will happily assist you from a needs and threat assessment, to detailed assistance throughout the process. From beginning to end. We will be there to answer any questions that may arise and we even help you beyond the installation through our follow up protocols.

We handle the manufacturing and installation of all our bulletproof solutions. We even have a patented framing system that we can install along with any of our other products to strengthen the frames around your glass. It is designed to withstand prolonged attacks and break-in attempts, so you can be confident in the security of your home, business, or other facilities. Contact us today to learn more about our full range of products or to schedule a consultation or threat assessment.

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