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Whether you want to install burglar-proof windows and doors on new construction, or you want to upgrade the security of an existing property, we can help.

Campbell’s burglar-proof window and door glass solutions are all manufactured in-house and installed by our team of skilled professionals.

We can retrofit any residential or commercial building with our security glass products to protect your property from burglars and other intruders.

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Residential Burglar-Proof Windows and Doors

In more than 70% of home break-ins, the burglars gain entry by breaking the glass or otherwise forcing entry through a window or door. Standard windows and doors do very little to prevent intruders from getting into your home with minimal effort. Regular window glass easily breaks with a hammer, rock, or other tools, allowing burglars to easily reach in and unlock the window or a nearby door to get inside.

Campbell provides a variety of solutions to upgrade the security of your home by beefing up your existing glass or even completely replacing it with new burglar-proof glass. We offer burglar-proof window films, window glazing, and glass sheets and panels in a range of security ratings, so you can choose the level of protection that suits you.

We will work with you to find a home security solution for your windows and doors that meets your goals and fits within your budget.

Commercial Burglar-Proof Windows and Doors

Homeowners are not the only ones who need to worry about break-ins. Even commercial facilities with high-quality alarm systems and surveillance systems are prone to burglaries if the building’s glass is not fortified against intruders.

Campbell’s burglar-proof glass products are favored by all kinds of commercial clients, from government facilities and financial institutions to retail storefronts and convenience stores.

Our burglar-proof windows and doors are an ideal solution to protect against smash-and-grab robberies and after-hours break-ins. Not only that, but our burglar-proof glass products also help prevent damage to glass storefronts during riots, which can be important for buildings located in downtown areas.

We can provide security glass for new commercial buildings or retrofit existing commercial facilities to upgrade their security, often without the need to remove and replace the glass that is already in place.

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Burglar Proof Window Film

We can quickly and professionally install security window films right on top of your existing window and door glass to prevent easy entry by burglars. Our burglar-proof window films can be installed both inside and outside your glass windows and doors to provide two extra layers of protection against potential intruders. The film holds the glass in place, even after repeated blows and attempts to break through it.

Campbell’s burglar-proof window films protect your property without taking away any of the visibility through your glass. We offer transparent window films that you won’t even be able to tell are there, but that will give you peace of mind knowing your home or business is protected against intruders. We also offer tinted security window films if you want added privacy or solar heat resistance. All our window films have a 99.9% UV protection rating that reduces fading of interior items due to sunlight exposure.

Burglar-Proof Glass Glazing

Another option to make the existing glass on your windows and doors more secure against break-ins is to glaze it.

We offer containment-grade laminate glazing shields that we can apply to your window and door glass to significantly strengthen it against impacts. Because of its unique polycarbonate laminate composition, the glazing is highly resistant to cracking and shattering, making it very secure shield against prolonged attacks of all kinds.

Even being riddled with bullets will not cause our burglar-proof glazing to break and allow entry. When someone is trying to gain entry to your home or commercial facility while you or others are inside, the added time that burglar-proof glazing gives individuals inside to react is invaluable.

Since a would-be intruder won’t be able to quickly smash the glass and gain entry to the property, those inside can call the police, escape, barricade themselves inside a room, or otherwise react to the situation.

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Burglar-Proof Glass Sheets and Panels

When you want the highest level of security, our burglar-proof glass sheets and panels might be the right option for you. We can either fortify your existing glass behind security sheets or install completely new burglar-proof glass panels into your windows and doors. We offer security glass in a full range of strength ratings for different levels of protection against break-ins and other types of attacks.

If you’re worried about more than just burglars, we can also provide security glass in varying grades of ballistic resistance. This means that your new glass will not only keep out intruders but also resist impacts from bullets and even bomb blasts. All our security glass has been thoroughly tested and rated in a lab and real-life scenarios, so you can be confident in the level of protection that we provide.

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Other Burglar-Proof Fittings for Windows and Doors

In addition to our burglar-proof glass products, we also offer other fittings to make your windows and doors even more secure.

One of these solutions is our security frames for windows and doors that can be installed along with new glass or replace your existing frames. These security frames provide an added level of security so your windows and doors will be able to withstand determined, prolonged attempts at entry.

We can also install burglar-proof security screens on top of any doors and windows to add an additional layer of protection against break-ins. Our security screens are an extra deterrent for would-be burglars and make getting to your glass even harder.

Not only that, they allow you to leave windows and doors open for airflow without completely opening entry points to your home or commercial property.

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Tips on How To Protect Your Property From Burglary

Burglar-proof windows and doors go a long way towards deterring robbers and preventing entry, but there are other ways to make your property even more secure. Make sure to implement a complete security system for maximum protection against burglars and other types of intruders.

Here are some tips on how you can make your home or business even more burglar-proof.

Burglar-Proofing Tips

Install burglar-proof film, glazing, or glass on both sides of exterior-facing windows and doors

Add security screens to the outside of windows and doors

Install an alarm system and surveillance system

Use landscaping to deter burglars by planting thick, thorny bushes under windows

Replace existing window and door frames with security frames

Put locking handles and bolts on all windows and doors

Add security lights near ground-level windows and doors

Keep valuables out of the line of sight through windows and door glass

Other Benefits of Campbell's Security Glass

In addition to providing a high level of protection against burglars and other intruders, Campbell’s security glass solutions fortify your windows and doors against mother nature. All our burglar-proof glass products are strong enough to withstand impacts from flying debris and other damage resulting from storms and earthquakes. Even if a piece of debris slams into a window or door hard enough to crack the glass, our window films, glazing, or glass sheets will hold the broken glass in place.

With Campbell’s burglar-proof windows and doors, not only will you be protecting your home or commercial property from break-ins, but from other unexpected dangers as well. If you’re a residential client, you can sleep easy at night, knowing that your precious belongings and loved ones are safe and sound inside your home. Our commercial clients can be sure that their property, merchandise, and employees are protected behind a safe and secure set of windows and doors.

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Are You Ready To Burglar Proof Your Glass Windows

If you’ve decided to go ahead and beef up your residential or commercial property’s security with Campbell’s security glass solutions, the first step is always a phone consultation. A member of our experienced team will speak with you to understand your security concerns, goals, and budget. This will help us begin to formulate a personalized plan to burglar-proof your property.

After we speak with you, we will conduct a threat assessment and evaluate the overall condition of your property. We’ll measure all the windows and doors that you want to burglar-proof so we can give you an accurate estimate of costs and installation times. Once we have completed our evaluation, we will provide you with an easy-to-read, formal proposal for a solution we have custom-designed for you and your property.

If everything looks good to you, we can go ahead and begin the installation process. Most installations only take 1-2 days, and we always strive to ensure there is minimal interruption to you during the process. If we are replacing any glass panels, we will remove and replace them all one at a time, so we never leave your property unsecured in the case that the installation takes more than a day.

Don’t wait any longer to secure your windows and doors against burglars and break-ins. Contact Campbell today for more info or to schedule a consultation.

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