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Dichroic window film is a high-end decorative window film that can be used to create shimmering, color-shifting effects on all types of architectural glass.

We offer dichroic window film that uses multi-layer optical film technology so that the colors shift when the glass is viewed from different angles.

Our dichroic film is available in both warm and cool tones, so you can create various artistic effects for different spaces.

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colorful dichroic film for windows is basically a colored window tint for glass that changes colors

Commercial Dichroic Window Film Applications

Dichroic film is a popular decorative treatment for glass partition walls and windows in office buildings and other commercial facilities. The color-changing film can add a layer of privacy to glass partitions for things like meeting rooms and windows of private offices, so they don’t feel like fishbowls or observation rooms. The unique shimmering effects that the glass emits also add a contemporary artistic vibe to any space.

Dichroic window film can also be applied to the interior side of outward-facing glass so that you can give an entire glass building a shimmering facelift. Dichroic film uses a pressure-sensitive adhesive that can adhere to any interior glass, so there’s never any need to replace your existing one. It can even be applied to plastic surfaces if desired.

In addition to covering entire glass walls, doors, and windows, dichroic film is also useful to create eye-catching decorative features and signage. It is flexible enough that it can be bent, cut, patterned, printed, and combined with other layers of glass. For example, we can use dichroic film to apply a logo, name, or other design to the inside of a glass door, window, or wall.

Residential and Artistic Applications
For Dichroic Film

Apart from its common commercial applications, residential applications such as shower door glass, glass furniture, and any other surfaces you want to give an artistic, modern look to, can also use dichroic film. It can change the feel of any glass surface to provide it with a warmer or cooler appearance and create glimmering reflections when viewed from different spots in the room. It can even be applied to glass art or abstract glass sculptures for art shows and installations.

It’s possible as well to use dichroic film for outdoor applications, as long as it is laminated and sandwiched between layers of glass or acrylic to protect it from the elements. This method can be used to give outdoor glass sculptures or furniture ever-changing color patterns, such that no two views are the same. Such installations can be enhanced with the illumination of LED light sources, so they take on a whole new life at night.

Dichroic film has become popular in many major arts and entertainment districts around the world because of its beautiful artistic properties. It has been applied to the inside surfaces of gallery windows, historic hotels, theaters, and other cultural buildings. It has also been used as part of outdoor glass features meant to be used as benches, seats, or footrests.

Dichroic Film Color Options

Dichroic film comes in both warm and cool color options, which both project a range of different colors in transmission and reflection. The warm variety is classified as copper-bronze and shifts between a range of red, gold, aqua, blue, and magenta reflective patterns when viewed from different angles and in a different light. Cool dichroic window film is classified as gold-blue and gives off tones of blue, magenta, yellow, and gold.

Both cool and warm dichroic window film take on completely different looks depending on the glass substrate they are applied to, the lighting in the surrounding area, and the viewing angle.

In other words, no two applications look the same. You can create truly one-of-a-kind effects and give different spaces their own original ambiances.

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color changing window film

Technical Specifications of Dichroic Film

Dichroic decorative film is a polyester, PVC-free glass film designed for interior applications. It is a non-metallic, non-conductive, and non-corrosive material. Dichroic film can be used to achieve the same color-changing effects as dichroic glass, but at a fraction of the cost and installation time.

Dichroic films feature a clear, pressure-sensitive adhesive applicable to any type of interior glass, as well as many types of acrylic surfaces. The surface is composed of a tough scratch and abrasion-resistant layer to withstand daily use.

All of its properties give dichroic film a potentially long lifespan of 7 years.

Experts in Dichroic Glass Installation

If you’re considering dichroic film for a commercial, residential, or artistic application, choose Campbell as your trusted providers and installers. Installation time naturally varies depending on the scale of the project, but we always aim to get the job done in as short a time as possible and with minimal disruption to you. We often complete commercial jobs on nights and weekends, so there is no disruption to building tenants, and strive to get any residential job completed in a day or two at most.

When you choose Campbell for dichroic window film installation, we always begin with a consultation and evaluation of your property. We will start by speaking to you to get to know you and listen to your goals and vision. Then, we will evaluate your property, measure any glass surfaces to be covered with the dichroic film, and provide an estimate for the job. We always explain everything to our clients in easy-to-understand terms, so there are no surprise costs or hidden fees.

Once you’re ready to proceed with the project, our skilled team will arrive at your property with all the dichroic film they are going to install that day. They’ll clean and prepare the glass or acrylic surfaces and install the film one surface at a time. The film’s pressure-sensitive adhesive makes it quick and easy to apply. Plus, our professional team will ensure that there are no air bubbles or imperfections in the film, so you won’t even be able to tell it’s not the original glass.

Contact Campbell Corporation today for more information about our decorative dichroic films or to schedule a consultation.

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