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Low-E Window Film

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Campbell is proud to offer Low-E window film to all types of commercial and residential clients. From skyscrapers and multi-building office campuses to small retail stores and single-family homes, our team has the knowledge and experience to make any building’s windows and glass more modern and efficient.

We can install Low-E window film to the interior side of glass to achieve your efficiency and comfort goals and needs.

What is Low-E Window Film?

Low-E, or low emissivity window films, are specially designed to enhance the efficiency of your existing window glass. For example, if you have single-pane glass, a Low-E window film can be applied to it to give it the same performance as double-pane glass. Similarly, Low-E window film can convert a double-pane window to the same performance as a triple-pane window.

Low-emissivity window film drastically lowers the heat coming through the glass from the sun’s radiation. It also maintains the indoor temperature by holding the temperature inside the building rather than letting it escape through the windows. Most modern dual-pane windows use Low-E technology, but Low-E window film can be used to upgrade your existing glass to improve energy efficiency.

Our Low-E window films are virtually invisible, making them an excellent option for clients who want to upgrade the performance of their windows without replacing them or changing the look of their property. You don’t have to worry about reduced visibility or any change in aesthetics. Many owners of older properties, such as historic buildings, opt for our Low-E window films to cut down on energy costs and maintain a comfortable indoor environment without disposing of the historic glass.

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When Should You Use Low-E Window Film?

Low-emissivity windows are a great option for properties in very cold climates. Anywhere where the temperature outside is significantly lower than the temperature inside is an ideal climate to install Low-E window film in. For example, commercial buildings or homes located in high-altitude areas like mountain towns or ski resorts can benefit greatly from having Low-E window film installed.

On the other hand, Low-E window films also work well in warmer climates to help keep inside temperatures comfortable. For instance, an office building in Los Angeles can cut down drastically on energy costs by reducing the need to run the air conditioning system all day. Low-E window film will keep the cool, comfortable indoor air inside while blocking solar heat and the sun’s rays from getting in through the windows.

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Experts in Low-E Window Film Installation

Installation time varies from building to building, but we always strive to complete the job in as little time as possible with the least disruption to our clients.

For commercial clients, we typically perform installations on nights and weekends, so we don’t disrupt anyone’s workday.

For our residential clients, we try to get the job done in a single day whenever possible, and it usually doesn’t take more than two.

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