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Reflective Window Tint

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Campbell’s reflective window tints add privacy to your glass while also protecting against the sun’s glare and solar heat.

We offer reflective window tinting services for all types of commercial and residential buildings. We can install reflective window tint film right on top of your existing windows, so there’s no need to replace any of the glass.

Reflective window tint film is an economical way to increase privacy, reduce energy costs, or update the look of a glass building.

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Reflective Window Tint for Commercial Buildings

We are leading suppliers of commercial reflective window tint film for everything from small retail storefronts to skyscrapers and multi-building office campuses.

Reflective window tint film can be used to modernize old glass on older office buildings, provide more privacy for building tenants, and significantly cut down on utility costs. It also reduces solar glare and heat so employees inside a building can focus comfortably on their tasks.

Reflective window tint film adds daytime privacy by working as a two-way mirror when the light outside is brighter than the light inside. People working on the inside of the glass can see outside while the glass will appear as a mirror to those on the outside.

This creates a layer of security and privacy during the daytime, making reflective window tint a popular choice for things like security guard huts or offices that require confidentiality.

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Energy Cost Savings Provide a Quick ROI

In addition to adding privacy, reflective window tint films can also drastically reduce the amount of money you spend on your monthly utility bill for heating and cooling. Because the film works so well to block out heat from the sun as well as insulate windows, clients often make their investment back within the first year.

We’ve even seen clients report energy savings of up to $300,000 in just nine months.

Reflective window tinting is a much quicker, less disruptive, and more budget-friendly option than replacing your existing glass. We’re happy to install test samples to help you choose the perfect level of reflective window tint for your goals and budget.

We can also do commercial installation jobs on nights and weekends to avoid interrupting building tenants during their workdays.

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Reflective Window Tint for Homes

Our reflective window tint films also work well to add privacy to your home’s glass.

The two-way mirror effect that this type of film creates is a good compromise between adding privacy and keeping your visibility.

Keep in mind that the reflective effect only works when the light outside is brighter than the light inside your home.

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Save Money and Protect Your Furniture

Campbell’s reflective window tints also help you save money on heating and cooling your home.

On hot days they help to block out solar heat and reduce hot spots in your home, while in cold temperatures, they help insulate a room and reduce cold spots.

All our reflective window tints also block out 99.9% of the sun’s rays that cause fading on things like upholstery, furniture, and carpets placed near windows.

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