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Insulating window films insulate your existing glass against the cold, reducing your reliance on the use of heating equipment and extra layers to stay warm inside. Campbell can provide window insulation film for all types of commercial and residential buildings. We’ll help keep your indoor temperatures comfortable year-round as well as greatly reduce your energy costs.

If you’re looking for a way to insulate your home or business without completely replacing your existing windows, installing insulating window film is one of the fastest and most effective and affordable ways to do so. This type of window film can drastically improve the performance of any type of residential or commercial glass, at a fraction of the cost of glass replacement. Insulation using window film is an investment that can quickly pay for itself by reducing your heating and cooling costs year-round.

In fact, many clients make a return on their investment in energy savings within the first year.

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Window Insulation Film Effectiveness:
How Does It Work?

The weakest points in your home or commercial facility, when it comes to insulation, are the windows. Many newer residential and commercial buildings use double-pane or triple-pane glass in their construction, which does a pretty good job of providing extra thermal protection. But what about older or more cheaply constructed buildings with single-pane window glass? That’s where window insulation films come to the rescue.

Insulating window films add another layer of insulation to your existing windows, essentially upgrading a single-pane window to a double-pane, or a double-pane window to a triple-pane. The film works by reflecting heat back inside, dispersing it in the room rather than letting it escape through the window. It also blocks out more of the cold from outside and reduces cold spots inside. This drastically cuts down on your heating costs and increases indoor comfort during the cold winter months.

Not only does the window film keep heat inside when it’s cold outside, but it has the opposite effect during hot summer months. Insulating window film blocks out the sun’s heat while keeping a room cool by retaining the air from cooling equipment in the room. This means that you save money on your utility bill year-round while staying comfortable inside, no matter what the temperature outside is like.

Summary: The added layer of insulation provided by these types of films helps retain heat during the winter and block out heat during the summer, keeping your home or place of business comfortable year-round.

Low-E Insulating Window Film

One type of insulating window film that we offer is Low-E, or low-emissivity, window film. This type of window film provides top-of-the-line, high-performance insulation in both cold and hot climates. It’s a popular choice for homes or commercial buildings located in high-altitude areas, as well as those found in warmer areas like Los Angeles. We can install virtually invisible Low-E window films right on top of your existing glass, so you don’t have to sacrifice visibility, natural light, or replace the glass.

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Benefits of Window Insulation Film

No Need to Sacrifice Visibility

If you want to upgrade the insulation rating of your windows without losing any visibility, you can choose to install completely clear window insulation film. These films go right on top of your existing glass to boost performance without blocking out natural light or taking away your views.

You’ll be able to keep a room cool in the summer or warm in the winter without having to close any curtains or blinds.

insulating window film can be virtually invisible without sacrificing effectiveness or visibility

Adds UV Protection

In addition to providing an added layer of insulation, these types of window films also block out 99.9% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. These are the solar rays that cause things like furniture, upholstery, carpets, and photos or artwork to fade when placed by a window.

So, not only will they block out the sun’s heat, but also help protect your prized possessions from getting damaged by its rays.

window insulation film works in summer and winter

Reduces Glare

Another benefit of insulation film for windows is that it reduces glare from the sun. This is especially useful for office buildings with a lot of windows where employees need to perform tasks on computers all day comfortably.

It can also be ideal for home offices or entertainment rooms where you want to be able to focus on a computer screen or TV without squinting.

window insulation film effectiveness goes beyond heating and cooling. it also reduces glare

Provides Energy Savings in All Climates and Weather

No matter what season or climate you’re in, window film will greatly reduce your reliance on heating and cooling equipment. When it’s hot outside, window film can block out up to 78% of the solar heat coming through your windows, meaning you don’t need to blast the AC all day long. If it’s cold outside, window film will trap more warm air from your heating system inside, rather than letting it escape through the window, as well as protect against cold drafts.

most window insulation film reviews mention how energy efficient they are. The savings are incredible

Quick Installation

Since window film just goes right on top of your existing glass, the installation process is quick and painless.

In fact, a typical home installation job can be completed in a day or less. This makes it one of the least disruptive ways to upgrade your home’s insulation and one of the fastest ways to start saving on your utility bill and putting that cash back in your pocket.

quick installation is one of the pros of energy efficient insulating window film

Insulating Window Film Has Many Variations

We already mentioned that you can install a completely clear window insulation film if you don’t want to sacrifice natural light or visibility.

However, window films also come in a variety of different treatments if you want to change the appearance of your windows or add privacy. For example, you can choose from different colors, tints, mirroring effects, and more.

You can also choose window films with varying ratings of performance, such as top-of-the-line Low-E window films, to completely customize the performance and look of your existing glass.

insulate your windows with insulating window tint

How Much Does Window Film Insulation Cost?

The average cost of these types of window films, including installation, usually ends up being around $8-$12 per square foot. Consider that the average cost for replacing a window with double-pane glass is about $270-$350 for a 3’x5’ window. The cost to cover that same window with an insulating window film would be $120-$180. When you add up the total for every window you want to upgrade, you can see how significant the difference is when retrofitting an entire home or commercial building.

Not only is installing window film much more affordable than replacing your windows, but it also provides a very quick return on investment by reducing your heating and cooling costs. Two major studies conducted by the US Department of Energy and CONSOL Energy found that the average amount of time it takes to receive a return on investment is three years.

This is due to the fact that up to 30% of the energy used to heat and cool homes in the United States goes out the window, and up to 25% of the average utility bill is likely due to this.

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Should You Install Window Film Insulation?

If you want greater climate control and higher energy efficiency, while maintaining or upgrading the appearance of your windows, window film insulation is definitely something to consider.

Think about the fact that you’ll be saving up to 25% on your monthly utility bill, as well as the added benefits you can receive, such as glare reduction and UV protection. When you compare the average installation cost, not to mention the time, to that of full window replacement, it’s easy to see that window film is a worthy investment.

Insulating Window Film Installation Experts

Our team of professional technicians is experienced in all types of insulating window film installation. From single-family homes to skyscrapers and multi-building office campuses, we have the expertise to do it all. We always aim to get the job done in the shortest amount of time and with as little disruption to our clients as possible. We’re happy to complete commercial installations on nights and weekends to avoid interrupting building tenants’ workdays, and we can do most home jobs in 1-2 days.

We always begin any job with a consultation, so we can understand your goals, budget, and evaluate your property. After our evaluation is done, we always provide an easy-to-read proposal with precise estimates on the final cost and installation time. If you aren’t ready to commit to window film, we can also install samples first and perform an energy analysis to help you make the decision. We’ll even help you claim rebates from your utility company after the window film is all installed.

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