Soften Sunlight & Cool Your Spaces with Commercial Skylight Tinting

Skylight tinting treats existing skylight glass in commercial buildings to improve the efficiency and comfort level of the spaces below the skylights.

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The Trouble with Skylights

Too much unfiltered natural light from a skylight can make any space uncomfortably bright and hot. We can create the exact desired level of light (and temperature) with new glass tinting film for your skylights.

The Campbell Difference

Campbell Window Film has successfully tinted everything from small skylights to commercial glass ceilings and atriums over the past 30 years.

We have taken the guesswork out of the process by using computer models and checklists to measure the strength of your glass. Based on our data and your needs, we will supply film samples and help you decide which product best suits your skylight.

Our Philosophy

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Commercial Security

Skylight Safety Requirements

Choosing the proper film for your skylight is crucial. Building codes require most overhead glass to be safety laminated, and if the wrong product is used, the integrity of the glass could be compromised.

Commercial Skylight Tinting

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