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Vela Switchable Smart Film

Vela™ Dynamic System is a new simple retrofit solution delivering instantaneous indoor office privacy.

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Vela™ Dynamic System is a new smart privacy window film from Avery Dennison. The privacy film is designed to enhance the appearance and functionality of interior spaces.

It’s a perfect solution for a privacy glass window film that works on-demand in open-concept offices.

The Avery Vela Smart Film transforms glass from clear to a beautifully, frosted opaque with just a press of a button, providing privacy on-demand for conference rooms, offices and any rooms that might require glass wall privacy.

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Vela Switchable Film Provides

  • Vela Privacy Film has a scratch resistant hard coating to ensure easy, scratch free maintenance.
  • Advanced controller hardware delivers top performance
  • Full customization. Laser cut to different shapes and sizes.
  • Low Energy Consumption

Additional Benefits

  • Be used to retrofit almost any existing interior glass.
  • Provides better transparency than competitors
  • Backed by Vela warranty, it can be easily removed or repaced when required.
  • Supported by installers from Campbell Window Film certified team.

Product Specifications

  • Flexible use of open concept office space
  • Add some cool factor and innovation to your work space.
  • Doubles as a white board surface for impromptu meetings.
  • Connects to smart home apps and AI assistants.
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Benefits of Vela Privacy On Demand Film

  • Sophisticated High-end technology
  • Flexible use of open-concept space
  • Transparent when not in use
  • Add a WOW factor
  • Conference room privacy

Extra Functionality

  • White-board functionality
  • Projection screen
  • Retrofit upgrade to existing glass
  • Connects to smart home apps like Google Home & Alexa
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