5 Residential Burglary Stats That Will Make You Re-think Your Home Security System

By January 25, 2016 March 9th, 2020 Commercial, Residential

Most homeowners would agree that instituting some form of home security measure is an absolute no-brainer these days. The amount of valuable goods found in homes (TVs, computers, gaming systems) is growing, giving desperate burglars even more of a reason to target your residence. But for some reason, most homeowners get their peace of mind simply from locking their doors and windows before leaving the house.


The fact is, the United States leads the world in occurrence of burglaries with about 4 burglaries occurring every minute; that’s one every 15 seconds.
Do you know what factors make you more vulnerable to burglary?


Read on to learn surprising residential security facts that can help you better protect your home…


  1. Around 60 percent of burglars use forcible entry to gain access to a home.

    A surprising 30 percent enter homes through an unlocked door, window or other opening without resorting to force. In many cases, the burglar simply walks through the front door, gaining access to the house in a non-conspicuous way. The simple act of locking all doors and windows in your home can provide a great deal of protection but it’s only the first step.

  2. The greatest percentage of burglaries happen during the summer months.

    UV Rays are not the only danger that can enter your home during hot summer months when people are out traveling. We have window film that prevents both UV Rays and burglars from entering your home, giving you even more safety and peace of mind.

  3. On average, intruders spend less than 60 seconds trying to break into a home.

    Challenges to entry, like our 3M™ Safety and Security Window Film, discourage burglars, who often move on in search of an easier target.

  4. Two-thirds of burglaries occur during the day.

    There are many advantages to daytime break-ins. Most people are out of their home for hours at a time and thieves know this, so they take their time, using natural or electric lights without raising suspicion since people won’t find it unusual to see activity in a neighbor’s house during the day.

  5. 95% of break-ins require some amount of force to break-in.

    Thieves prefer easy access, most commonly through a home’s weakest entry-points: doors or windows. The types of tools used to break in are usually simple; a screwdriver, pliers, pries bars, and small hammers, all of which are no match for our 3M™ Safety and Security Window Film.


Getting educated on ways to protect your home is the first step. Installing security window film is often the quickest and most affordable security measure a homeowner could take.

For more information on 3M™ Safety and Security Window Film and how it can protect your home, contact Campbell Window Film today.

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