7 Reasons Why Modernizing Buildings is Good Business

By February 10, 2016 March 7th, 2023 Commercial, Decorative, News

The building modernization trend is sweeping the commercial real estate market with building managers looking for attractive, cost effective ways to modernize their buildings and attract new tenants. This recent trend involves the process of bringing existing materials up to today’s standards in terms of both aesthetics and performance. Updating an older structure involves rejuvenating the entire property and ensuring that it meets or even surpasses what perspective tenants expect in modern office space.



  • Enhance competitive positioning
  • Control/reduce operations and maintenance (O&M) expenses
  • Enhance net operating income (NOI) and asset value
  • Improve level of service
  • Attract and retain tenants
  • Stay ahead of new regulations
  • Hedge utility rate risk




We are modernizing the look, and making it more energy efficient and attractive on the market. The goal is to attract the clients that other older buildings can’t, but doing this in an affordable way, with an increased return on investment and net operating income.


There are numerous advantages to modernizing the existing glass and substrates. First and foremost is cost. It is on average 7 times less to modernize than to replace, but in some cases the differences in cost can be much higher. For example; we can change the look of dated glass by installing an exterior film which does two things: changes the look and color of the glass to a more modern appearance, but also brings the heat rejecting properties up to Title 24 standards. Title 24 is an aggressive energy standard for California buildings which went into place earlier this year.


Another example is the mullions, or the metal bars you see between the windows on a commercial building. We can restore the mullions to like-new condition with no down-time for the building’s occupants. In fact, one of the most significant advantages to the way we modernize a building is that there is only a very minimal disturbance to the tenants.


Spandrel glass often goes bad, and there are very few cost-effective ways to remedy it. Spandrel is the glass between floors in a commercial building – the glass that you cannot see through. It often fails and looks really bad. We offer the most cost-effective solution out there with over 1500 architectural finishes that can be used to cover up the spandrel, improving the look dramatically, and at a fraction of the cost of replacing it or of other repair methods that require interior drywall demo and repair.


If you are a building manager looking for a cost effective way to modernize your building, do not hesitate to contact Campbell Window Film today.


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